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Yes. Article 5(1) states that no person may be deprived of life save “in accordance with law.” Article 119(3)(b) excludes death-sentenced persons from the right to vote.

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People’s outlooks on the issue have varied on situations involving the death penalty.
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And if the death penalty is abolished, abolitionists will turn to eliminate life without parole as well and will drive the appeals costs higher than death penalty appeals since there is no execution to end the process of a life without parole prisoner.Lastly, the cost for justice does not have to be so high for the execution of murderers.

The Facts: 13 Reasons to Oppose the Death Penalty

In states without the death penalty, sentences of 20 years or more were obtained in just more than 40 percent of such cases, but only 5 percent of those were guilty pleas, or just more than a quarter of the number in the death penalty states.

In France, clear majorities continued toback the death penalty long after it was abolished in 1981.
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While the majority of Americans tend to believe in the inherent right of the state to exact capital punishment on suspected murderers, an increasing opposition to the death penalty can be seen both within the US and globally.

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This debate regarding the death penalty has become a complex issue in recent years with concerns as to the equality of the criminal justice system, the position of physicians in assisting in executions, and the likelihood of reform, improvement and rehabilitation amid individuals currently serving on death row....

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Terrorism-Related Offenses Not Resulting in Death.
Terrorism involving aircraft hijacking that jeopardizes life or an attempt to seriously damage or destroy an aircraft is punishable by death. Forming or attempting to form a criminal organization, or participating in such an organization or facilitating its activities, to stage attacks that may jeopardize life or property or tranquility, is punishable by death. Committing a terrorist act is punishable by death. An act of terrorism is defined as an act “aiming at striking terror among, or awe upon the people, by hurting them, or exposing the lives, freedom or security thereof, to danger, or causing damage to the environment, public, or private property, one of the public, or private utilities or belongings, occupying or appropriating the same, or exposing one of the native, or national strategic resources to danger.”

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For the Church’s traditional doctrine on the death penalty to be at all defensible, the divine law enabling the use of capital punishment must have been promulgated and must therefore be at least de fide divina.

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Given Pope Francis’s own high regard for St. Thomas (together with the historical papal approbation he has enjoyed) when it comes to doctrinal issues, we might ask how the opposition to the death penalty articulated by the Pope compares with the teaching of the .