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"I think there is a long way to go before the British public will accept that assisted suicide is a reasonable answer when the person isn't terminally ill," Mr Hawkins said of the results.

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Dr. Peter Rasmussen, an advisory board member of the Oregon chapter of C & C, (65) has been involved in Oregon assisted-suicide deaths numbering in double digits. He said life expectancy predictions for a person entering the final phase of life are inaccurate. He dismissed this as unimportant, saying, “Admittedly, we are inaccurate in prognosticating the time of death under those circumstances, we can easily be 100 percent off, but I do not think that is a problem. If we say a patient has six months to live and we are off by 100 percent and it is really three months or even twelve months, I do not think the patient is harmed in any way….” (66)

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Kevorkian has been performing assisted suicides. In that time, Kevorkian claims to have eased the suffering of 130 patients. He has also been fighting to legalize euthanasia. There are some people that support Kevorkian’s views of euthanasia, yet there are still many people that think that what Kevorkian is doing is wrong....

Some of the positive issues on assisted suicide are it reliefs a person from the pain they are in....

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And Hemlock's website asserts that the Society favors physician-assisted suicide strictly for someone "who is already in the dying process." But there is a glaring discrepancy between this official stance and what prominent members of Hemlock have said and done.

between Medicare and Medicaid patients dying from assisted suicide.

Kavorkian, some people are choosing death over life. Doctor assisted suicide has been a very controversial subject in the past few years. Some states such as Oregon have passed laws which allow doctors to prescribe lethal drugs to patients who have less then six months to live.(Henin 1) Other state have tak...

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The first known assisted-suicide death under the Oregon law was that of a woman in her mid-eighties who had been battling breast cancer for twenty-two years. Two doctors, including her own physician who believed that her request was due to depression, refused to prescribe the lethal drugs. Then Compassion in Dying (CID), now called Compassion and Choices, became involved. Dr. Peter Goodwin, who was then the medical director of CID, (56) determined that she was an “appropriate candidate” for death and referred her to a doctor who provided the lethal prescription. In an audiotape, made two days before her death and played at a CID press conference, the woman said, “I will be relieved of all the stress I have.” (57)

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Dr. Rasmussen explained that, in one case, he opened 90 capsules – a lethal dose – of barbiturates and poured the white powder into a bowl of chocolate pudding. He gave the mixture to the woman’s son who spooned the mixture into his mother’s mouth. Another son gave her sips of water to wash the solution down. The woman died twelve hours later. (72) (Because the woman performed the last action – swallowing – that led to her death, the act was technically assisted suicide, not euthanasia.)

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A New England Journal of Medicine article noted that “many patients who sought assistance with suicide had to ask more than one physician for a prescription for lethal medication.” (69) Patients or their families can “doctor shop” until a willing physician is found.

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Oregon’s assisted-suicide law requires that at least two weeks elapse between the patient’s first and last requests for lethal drugs. (67) Yet, for the third through the eighth years, the doctor-patient relationship in some reported assisted-suicide cases was under one week. (68) Thus, official reports indicate that either some physicians are not complying with the two-week requirement or they step in to write an assisted-suicide prescription after other physicians refused.