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adopt other measures to get rid of him, it wouldbe time enough to act when the necessity arose;and Dick Owens was not the youth to takeneedless trouble.

Lust in Andrew Marvell's Poem, To His Coy Mistress

In the Andrew Marvell poem “To His Coy Mistress,” I would argue over the issue of love versus lust.

Marvell, uses time in an attempt to manipulate his coy mistress.

In the early years of marriage we were very compatible, adventurous even and rather spontaneous which all made for a happy life, kids come along and things have to change a bit. Husband worked hard and I did too once the kids were old enough. Now though, we have a new found freedom and a lot more experience. We had an unspoken about but known sense that each of us had from time to time had the odd dalliance with someone, nothing serious just the satisfying of lust, for me it had been with 2 different bosses. For my husband it was with a colleague or two, I have never bothered to enquire. For me the experiences were developed and enhanced from working in a fairly male dominated environment which has led me to hold my own in a firm and assertive way. This has I suppose filtered through into my private life gradually over the years and it was on an early occasion about 2 years ago while enjoying our new found freedom that I discovered that my assertiveness turned my husband on, one thing has led to another and the assertiveness has developed into dominance.

'To His Coy Mistress' is a lyric of seduction.

In the essay I will be looking at how both poems emphasise love but yet have very different approaches as in the coy mistress the persona is trapping his mistress into falling in love with him and uses tactics to try and have a sexual relationship with her....

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Let us add one more example, the most striking of all, if the impressiveness of an error is measured by the wisdom and virtue of him who falls into it. If ever any one, possessed of power, had grounds for thinking himself the best and most enlightened among his cotemporaries, it was the Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Absolute monarch of the whole civilized world, he preserved through life not only the most unblemished justice, but what was less to be expected from his Stoical breeding, the tenderest heart. The few failings which are attributed to him, were all on the side of indulgence: while his writings, the highest ethical product of the ancient mind, differ scarcely perceptibly, if they differ at all, from the most characteristic teachings of Christ. This man, a better Christian in all but the dogmatic sense of the word, than almost any of the ostensibly Christian sovereigns who have since reigned, persecuted Christianity. Placed at the summit of all the previous attainments of humanity, with an open, unfettered intellect, and a character which led him of himself to embody in his moral writings the Christian ideal, he yet failed to see that Christianity was to be a good and not an evil to the world, with his duties to which he was so deeply penetrated. Existing society he knew to be in a deplorable state. But such as it was, he saw or thought he saw, that it was held together and prevented from being worse, by belief and reverence of the received divinities. As a ruler of mankind, he deemed it his duty not to suffer society to fall in pieces; and saw not how, if its existing ties were removed, any others could be formed which could again knit it together. The new religion openly aimed at dissolving these ties: unless, therefore, it was his duty to adopt that religion, it seemed to be his duty to put it down. Inasmuch then as the theology of Christianity did not appear to him true or of divine origin; inasmuch as this strange history of a crucified God was not credible to him, and a system which purported to rest entirely upon a foundation to him so wholly unbelievable, could not be foreseen by him to be that renovating agency which, after all abatements, it has in fact proved to be; the gentlest and most amiable of philosophers and rulers, under a solemn sense of duty, authorized the persecution of Christianity. To my mind this is one of the most tragical facts in all history. It is a bitter thought, how different a thing the Christianity of the world might have been, if the Christian faith had been adopted as the religion of the empire under the auspices of Marcus Aurelius instead of those of Constantine. But it would be equally unjust to him and false to truth, to deny, that no one plea which can be urged for punishing anti-Christian teaching, was wanting to Marcus Aurelius for punishing, as he did, the propagation of Christianity. No Christian more firmly believes that Atheism is false, and tends to the dissolution of society, than Marcus Aurelius believed the same things of Christianity; he who, of all men then living, might have been thought the most capable of appreciating it. Unless any one who approves of punishment for the promulgation of opinions, flatters himself that he is a wiser and better man than Marcus Aurelius — more deeply versed in the wisdom of his time, more elevated in his intellect above it — more earnest in his search for truth, or more single-minded in his devotion to it when found; — let him abstain from that assumption of the joint infallibility of himself and the multitude, which the great Antoninus made with so unfortunate a result.

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I hate him. I hate the way he makes me feel. I hate the way he makes my heart race when I'm around him. I hate the way I can't breathe or talk or think when I'm around him. I hate the way my mind goes blank when he's next to me. I hate the way his brown eyes twinkle and the way he smiles and the way his body moves so gracefully. I hate how smart and charismatic and genuine he is. I hate the way he found out how I like him and told me that I was like his sister and crushed me into a thousand pieces. I hate him. I hate him soooo much.

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I met him at our mutual tennis club. He is good looking, charming and intelligent. Before long after some friendly and occasional flirtatious texting we had our first date. I find out on that date that he has a child with a lady he dated for 3 months, broke up with but continued to have 'no strings attached' six with. Ok, this sort of stuff happens all the time right? To some it's no big deal. Long story short, he got her pregnant and when she told him, he was nothing but angry at her. She apparently said he didn't have to be involved and she didn't want his money and he was like 'ok then!'and walks away. Hello... It takes 2 to Tango! He continues on in life, seemingly unbothered about the welfare of the lady carrying his child. She text him the day their baby was born however he proceeded to have nothing to do with her. Only when she contacted his mother to let her know that she had a grandchild, and after persuasion of his mother did he become involved in the baby's life. She was 7 months old by this time. Red flag # 1. We proceeded to date for 3 months and everything appeared lovely. I did notice at the time that we never caught up on weekends but excused that as he having Daddy duties and needing at least one day to himself on the weekend. I don't want to seem needy or pushy so never mentioned it. Red flag # 2. I fell for his charming ways, cooking me dinners and long chats well into the night. He is an active guy into all sorts of sports, Squash, skiing, BMX riding, fishing. He got me hook, line and sinker and I fell for him hard. We last 'went out' on a Monday and then the Tuesday and everything seemed fine, by Thursday, by text, he said 'we need to talk'. We had a face to face talk on the following Monday where he explained that he liked me and there was nothing wrong but there just wasn't 'that connection.' Looking back on it, this was exactly the same explanation he said he gave his Baby Mumma when he broke up with her. I actually said to him, did something happen between Tuesday and Thursday which he gave a definite No. Red flag # 3. I was avoiding our club for a while as I was devastated that he had ended things. Everything seemed to be going well and the end came out of no where. I spent the next month in emotional turmoil trying to come to grips with what happened. I was in love with this guy and was trying to accept that it just wasn't meant to be and although still really missing him and lamenting the fact I can't date him anymore, am starting to come to grips with things. I then find out that he was down at the club within minutes of our face to face chat, looking happy as Larry, like nothing had ever happened. He was also at the club the Thursday of that same week having a one on one drink with one of the other girls there and has been dating her ever since. That was 2 months ago. Apparently he has always flirted with her but she is also one who jumps from one relationship to the next and up until recently hasn't been 'single' Red flag # 4. I also find out afterwards that in the past he has asked out at least 3 other girls at the club, all of who have said no. Red flag # 5. I hate him because it is now so obvious that he is player who loves the chase and the chase only. He has severely affected my life at our tennis club by making it obvious for all to see he has moved on to the next victim and therefore making it very difficult for me to be there. He has shown no consideration for my thoughts or feelings regarding this whole matter and has simply ditched me and moved on. I hate him because he plays the game so well that you just don't see it coming... Obviously years of experience has fine tuned his act! By the way, he is 41 years of age, has never been married and has a string of 3-6 month relationships under his belt...I only find this out later of course! Players - gotta hate em! I hate him because he hurt me and I still love him. Idk if it's love, I mean can you love someone you never dated? Can you love someone whose hands you never felt on any part of your body except for a hug? I guess it's not love right? Let's be honest, I don't hate him but I want too. That's how you know you love someone, when you don't hate them for hurting you. We talked and I mean flirted for while, He was the sweetest, we even made promises to each other, but you know unfortunately promises are made to be broken I guess, since that is what I learned through this. He was one of a kind! Like no other guy I have met and someone like that is rare to find cause he made me feel wow, I can't even explain it, and you know what they say, 'the most unexpected person can make you the happiest' well this was very unexpected, I never would've seen myself with someone like him and that's what made it the best part. But then I guess someone with him changed, he stopped talking to me one day. I didn't understand, but what hurt the most is that you made me feel so dang special yesterday, and then make me feel so unwanted today. I didn't feel it coming, he didn't become distant, he wasn't texting any different, one day he just stopped. It didn't hurt at first but then days passed and he still hasn't talked to me so i knew what had happened, he just left like why couldn't you try harder? I am complicated and stubborn and such a baby but he put the effort! So did I when he got angry and with his temper as well! But this time he didn't try. Usually when that happens it's because they don't care anymore, or they met someone else. That happened, he met someone else I'm guessing, 3 months later he got a girlfriend. He hurt me, he was like no other guy I have met and it is very hard to find someone like that at this age. It's been a year and I'm still dwelling over it. I just can't wait until the day I pass him in the halls and feel nothing! He's still with her. I hate him because till this day I would still answer his texts in a heartbeat. I hate him because I would still do anything for him. I hate him because he just left. I hate him because he made me feel like I wasn't good enough. and most of all I hate how I can't hate him when he hurt me so bad and f.... me up mentally and physically.