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Spirit of Truth
Spirit of Truth - The spiritual endowment received from our Creator Son, used as a teacher, a helper to mankind to assist in growing, expanding, unfolding, and adapting to truth. Divine truth is spirit-discerned, existing on high levels of spirit attainment. Truth at the mortal level is relative and constantly changing; living truth is dynamic and its existence is experiential in the human mind. Jesus, at the time of Pentecost, sent his Spirit of Truth to live within the hearts of man, to help us in all aspects of our growth, to teach us to love, to perceive divine truths, to interpret our lessons of learning, to develop universe insight and wisdom, and to help us become dominated by truth-conviction. The Spirit of Truth brings a new enhanced fellowship with Michael, to experiencing the truth of sonship with God. The acceptance of this gift from Michael is the Abaptism of the spirit.@ Man is now influenced by a threefold spiritual endowment: The spirit of the Father, the Thought Adjuster; the spirit of the Son, the Spirit of Truth; and the spirit of the Spirit, the Holy Spirit. [UB, Papers 180, sec. 5 and Paper 194] [pp. 1949, 2059]

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Urantia Book, The
Urantia Book, The - The Fifth Epochal Revelation is the plan of our Sovereign Creator Son, Michael, with the blessings of the Eternal Father, as remediation for the dual faults of our planetary administration, the rebellion of our Planetary Prince along with the evils unleashed by Lucifer, and the later default of our Material Son/Daughter, Adam and Eve. For 200,000 years, Urantia has been in conceptual poverty, languishing in spiritual darkness, and this text is given us to help repair that tremendous gap in our knowledge, and to help our world be uplifted to its rightful place in Michael’s universe. Michael did much to help our understanding when he came here as Jesus, but the peoples of Urantia have become even more divided in their religious beliefs and intolerant of each other as equal children of the same benevolent God. This text, very complete and accurate about our place in the universe and our standing before the Creator of all, was given to the mortals of Urantia with love, to be shared with all peoples of our world. Its purpose is to bring unity out of division, joy out of pain, and love out of hatred.[Published by the URANTIA Foundation, 533 Diversey Parkway, , 60614, 1955. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 55-10554][Also published by Uversa Press, a subsidiary of The Urantia Book Fellowship, 99 Park Ave. #434A, New York, NY 10016 U.S.A., Indexed Version, 2003, ISBN 0-9651972-2-0 (hardcover), 0-9651972-3-9 (softcover)]

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Thought Adjusters
Thought Adjusters - These discrete spirit presences are the pre-personal fragments of the Universal Father which hail from Divinington, and arrive to indwell the mortal of their choosing at the moment the mortal signifies soul potential by making their first moral decision, which is usually around the age of five years old. Although equal in endowment of existential divinity, they may vary in the amount of experience they have accumulated by prior indwellings in non-fusion candidates. The more experienced Adjusters go to the minds of those mortals who have a higher type of mind potential and spiritual capacity, based on personality and hereditary forecasts. Once an Adjuster is assigned to a mortal, the relationship continues as the Adjuster works with the mortal mind to create a new mind for your eternal career as a spirit being with uplifting and advancing illumination of spiritual ideals. Other names for Thought Adjusters are Thought Controllers and Mystery Monitors.

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I was brought up on religion and believe, but what has always confused me is the “Father, Son and Holy Ghost”. Are these the one being or what?

It was early Sunday morning, when a father, son and nephew were ..

Circuits - These are the discrete and directional conduits of energies of personality, spirit, mind and energy-matter that traverse space for communication, presence, maintenance, healing, and ministry. The universal circuits of Paradise are four in number: The personality gravity of the Eternal Father, the spiritual gravity of the Eternal Son, the mind gravity of the Infinite Spirit, and the material gravity of the Isle of Paradise. The Superuniverse has seven circuits, mainly used for energy transmission, space broadcasts, and the communication within certain orders of beings, such as the Thought Adjusters and Reflective Spirits. The circuits of the local universe are used for the functioning of the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit ministry and the adjutant mind-spirits. [UB Paper15, sec.9] [p. 176]

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Teaching Mission
Teaching Mission - The teaching mission, conceived by Michael 2000 years ago, is Part II of the Fifth Epochal Revelation to Urantia. The first part is The Urantia Book, the text book for the correcting of the gaps in our universe education; the teaching mission is the individualized portion where the mortals are given the opportunity to work on any self-correction that we have need of because of the failures of earlier revelations to give us the necessary foundation for our spiritual growth. In the process of learning what we need to know for our own spiritual growth and universe education, we become teachers to those coming up behind us, our mortal brothers and sisters, who are ready to learn those lessons that we have already learned. This is the pattern of the universe—first we are students, then we teach what we have learned to others for a time before becoming students again for the next series of lessons. [See History section: Announcement, Woods Cross, , , Apr. 20,1993] [Timeline, Jan 28, 2003]