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Dickens chose to publish Great Expectations in his weekly magazine rather than in the traditional monthly parts in order to revive slumping sales of the weekly. All the Year Round, which Dickens served as editor and publisher, featured general interest articles along with serialized novels by various authors. The novel serialized immediately preceding Great Expectations, A Long Day's Ride, by Charles Lever, was not popular with readers, producing the sales slump.

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The appearance of Great Expectations revives sales of Dickens' weekly journal All the Year Round.

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And the communication I have got to make is, that he has Great Expectations (Dickens 107).” This statement was the single event that allowed for the rest of the occurrences of the book to happen as they did.

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Transported criminals were consigned to private employers for a fixed period of time according to their crimes. Abel Magwitch, in Great Expectations, had been transported to Australia, finished his sentence, and became rich working for himself. Still, his return to Britain was punishable by death until 1834, although the last actual hanging for this offense took place in 1810. Transportation was abolished in 1857.

In Great Expectations, during the middle of the book, Pip creates a rather low opinion of himself acting arrogant and conceited to others.
Nov 03, 2011 · Thursday 3 November, 2011 I have just started reading Great Expectations. I am one chapter into it and I am already enthralled. The change to first person from third person (i.e. Oliver Twist) is great, and I know I am going to enjoy reading the novel.

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You have made me want to give Great Expectations another try