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Satz (1992) argues that there are limits to the objections based on anintimate connection between reproductive labor and our selves. Writersare intimately bound up with their writing, but they also want to bepaid for their novels. Further, if the link between mother andfetus/reproductive labor is so strong, how can abortion be justified?Instead, Satz's argument stresses the background context of commercialsurrogacy: the gender inequality in modern society. Commercialsurrogacy allows women's labor to be used and controlled by others,and reinforces stereotypes about women. For example, pregnancycontracts give buyers substantial control rights over women's bodies:rights to determine what the women eat, drink and do. They also maydeepen stereotypes: that women are baby-machines. Finally, the raceand class dimensions of such markets also need to be considered. Inanother well known case involving commercial surrogacy, a judgereferred to the African American women who gave birth to a child withgenes from a white father and a Philippina mother as the baby's“wet-nurse” and refused to grant her any visitation rightsto see the child.

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Finally, the faculty expect that most students will engage in cutting-edge research in one of more than 250 laboratories and medical clinics in the Francisco J. Ayala School of Biological Sciences and the UCI School of Medicine. It is in these situations that faculty train students to think in a sophisticated way about real-world problems. There is also no feeling of excitement greater than finding out something about the world that no one has ever known before, a feeling afforded in biology only by participation in research. The Excellence in Research Program allows students to present their work and be recognized for their performance with a series of awards and publication of their reports in the School’s online Journal of Undergraduate Research. The set of core classes that instructs students in the concepts of biology, the advanced classes that allow a deep understanding of specialized aspects of biology, the laboratory courses that convey the practical aspects of problem-solving in biology, and the research experiences that engage students in the real excitement in revealing new information about biology, come together to provide an extraordinary experience for students. The Honors Program in the Francisco J. Ayala School of Biological Sciences further enhances the educational experience for the best students.

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But what do these arrangements do to children? Polyamorists claim that the children do as well as children in more traditional arrangements. Sheff interviewed children between 5 to 8 years old in polyamorous families and claims that “what mattered to the children was that they had five loving and attentive adults caring for them, taking them places, picking them up from school, and putting them to bed at night.” The children

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Biology students have the option of specializing in areas of biology that best fit their interests, completing courses for degree programs in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Biology/Education, Developmental and Cell Biology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Exercise Sciences, Genetics, Human Biology, Microbiology and Immunology, or Neurobiology.

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The fact that law already has permeated the family — as in thedoctrine of coverture — is an important insight of contemporaryfeminism. Families have always been shaped by law — by coercion,as well as by social convention. For example, state laws in the United Statesregulate who can marry, who has parental rights, who can divorce and onwhat terms, and who can inherit property. Almost all countries havelaws that prevent gay couples from marrying and in many places fromadopting children; in other countries daughters cannot inherit propertyat all with devastating consequences for their well-being. The familyhas, in fact, always been heavily regulated by the state, often in waysdetrimental to women's equality (Fineman 1995).

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Like other kids their age, they knew the adults had sex and preferred to know as little about it as possible. They also knew that other families were frequently different from their own families, and that this information could sometimes be upsetting to adults. Children in this category began to actively think about how to explain their families at school, to their peers, and to other adults. (Emphasis mine)