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Dear Lindsay and Duncan,
Thanks for this contribution - I'm sure there's a lot every teacher can take from for everyday work.
I have, however, some problems with the copyright issue: when you say 'Choose an interesting article or story from the newspaper and make enough copies for every pair of learners' - how do you deal with the copyright here? I love this idea, but I'm not quite sure what the legal disclaimer here would be. Or are we, as teachers, allowed to copy articles in class?
I'd appreciate your answer to this.
Thanks and take care!

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Distribute the newspapers, one for each group of two or three learners. Tell them they have a time limit with which to skim through the newspaper. When the timit limit is up, ask two groups to get together and report to each other everything they remember that is in the news. They must do this in English, and cannot refer to the newspapers (this is important, because otherwise you may get one or two learners who bury their heads in the paper and don’t participate!). Do feedback as a whole group. This is a combined reading and speaking activity, although the time limit forces learners to use the reading skill of skimming.

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Give each learner a newspaper and tell them that for homework, you would like them to take the newspaper home, choose an article and prepare a report on it to classmates. The report must be no longer than five minutes, and should include peer teaching on new vocabulary that the learner encounters in their article. This encourages reading outside the classroom, as well as dictionary use. Set up a schedule and have the last five minutes of every class devoted to news reports by a learner or learners and make this project part of your class routine.

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