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Changing notionsof the nature of childhood stimulated a new style of young people's parties...Ice cream and cake became defining elements, whetherafter a meal or as the centerpiece of a party...Although fruitcakes and rich, yeasted cakes were the traditional English festive cakes, themodern form of birthday cake originated in American kitchens in the mid-nineteenth century.

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The English were not the first people to arrive in Virginia, just as Columbus was not the first person to realize the earth was round. Asian hunter-gatherers got here first, about 15,000 years earlier. The Spanish explored the Chesapeake Bay before the English. In 1570, the Spanish even sent Catholic missionaries to convert the natives in Virginia and to expand the power of Spain north from Cuba.

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What did "average" New England colonists eat during a typical day?
"Most New Englanders had a simple diet, their soil and climates allowing limited varieties of fruits and vegetables.

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The English colonists who arrived in 1607 picked that site far upstream from the coast to avoid the Spanish. To a lesser extent, the English also feared the French and the Dutch. The constant international conflicts between European nations were a key factor in determining the location and the defenses of the new English colony halfway across the world.

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The geography of Maryland, like that of her Southern neighbor Virigina, was conducive to growing tobacco. The desire to make profits from tobacco soon led to the need for low-cost labor. As a result, the number of indentured servants greatly expanded and the social structure of Maryland reflected this change. But the influx in immigration was not reflected in larger population growth because, faced with frequent battles with malaria and typhoid, life expectancy in Maryland was about 10 years less than in New England.

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This system seemed to benefit the servant as well. Each would have their fare across the Atlantic paid in full by their master. A contract was written that stipulated the length of service — typically five years. The servant would be supplied room and board while working in the master's fields. Upon completion of the contract, the servant would receive "freedom dues," a pre-arranged termination bonus. This might include land, money, a gun, clothes or food. On the surface it seemed like a terrific way for the luckless English poor to make their way to prosperity in a new land. Beneath the surface, this was not often the case.

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Even the gentry might eat modestly in the morning,although they could afford meat or fish...Dinner, as elsewhere in the colonies, was a midday, through the wealthy were like to do as their peersin England did, and have it midafternoon...new England's gentry had a great variety of food on te table...An everyday mealmight feature only one or two meats with a pudding, tarts, and vegetables...The different betweeen the more prosperous householdsand more modest ones might be in the quality and quantity of the meat served...Supper was a smaller meal, often similar tobreakfast: bread, cheese, mush or hasty pudding, or warmed-over meat from the noon meal.

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To dress savoy biscuits, and biscuits a la Cuilliere, you must glaze them with fine sugar, andbake them in a very temperate oven."
---, Louis Eustache Ude, English facsimile 1828 reprint [ArcoPublishing:New York] 1978 t(p.

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Smith works out an exchange of beads for provisions; "sons" are also exchanged: Thomas Savage goes to live with the Indians and Namontack with the English; they will act as interpreters and liaisons between the two peoples.
September (?): The with 70 new immigrants arrives on the Mary and Margaret, including an Elizabethan bed for Powhatan, a five-piece barge to explore the Richmond Falls, and two women, Mrs.