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A human environment is more than external, for internal and external are relative concepts and an individual is a significant component of his own environment.

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Both nature (meaning our genes) and nurture (the environment we grow up in) are known to significantly affect traits like our height and weight, our IQ, and our chance of developing behavioural problems or autism.

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The zeitgeist (the intellectual and culture "flavor" of a time and place) has swung back and forth over time with regard to the amount of influence that nature vs. nature has on human intelligence.

The construction of any man-made structure will disturb, even erase, natural systems at a certain level.

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This study therefore regards the human environment as "Conditions and influences" vary over time and space and, though often shared, are perceived and experienced differently by each individual or society (Saarinen, 1969).

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In human environments these components and processes - called structure and function by scientists (Odum, 1962) - are not restricted to those that are from "nature." Indeed, they include those that are social, economic and political (Smith, 1972) or cultural (Boyden, 1976).

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"The environment," therefore, is not a special set of unique interests to be treated separately from "development."Nature is the original patrimony of humanity and is the source of goods and services as well as of the space in which society develops and evolves.

However, perhaps the most controversial and debatable topic in regards to human development is the issue between Nature and Nurture.

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It must be noted, however, that heritabilty is not pure genetic influence as the pre and postnatal environments must be taken into account. Heritability estimates based on comparing correlations between IQs of monozygotic (identical) twins reared together with IQs of dizygotic (fraternal) twins and siblings are likely to overestimate the genetic component because monozygotic twins share more similar environments - both in the womb and out

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“The nature-nurture issue is a perennial one that has resurfaced in current psychiatry as a series of debates on the role that genes (DNA) and environments play in the etiology and pathophysiology of mental disorders” (Schaffner) The debate is essentially about what is inherited (nature) and what is experienced by environmental factors (nurture) and how they affect human development.

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If the allotment of resources required to satisfy any of their perceived needs is not sufficient or, though sufficient is placed in jeopardy, that society will believe that its quality of life is threatened and will fight to save or restore it.The Encyclopedia of Environmental Sciences defines Environment as "the aggregate of all external conditions and influences affecting life and development of an organism" (Platt, 1971) but a definition of the "human environment" must go further.