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At River Trail Nature Center, walk through sugar maple woods along the river on self-guiding trails, learn of the past and present in the exhibit building, and visit a few of our native animals.

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19.02.2018 · There are Forever Wild Nature Preserves in every borough

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Down in southeastern North Dakota, the Sheyenne River winds through the Sheyenne Sandhills as though reluctant to part company. In this segment, the river receives its highest infusion of springwaters, and shade from the stateliest of its forests. H.R. Morgan Nature Preserve captures this secluded meeting of river and sandhills in its full spectrum of plant and animal life. Fragments of a cooler setting dating back to glaciation persist to the present along the Sheyenne River valley, in some ways more closely resembling what we identify with northern Minnesota than with eastern North Dakota. The stately basswood and elm forests, impenetrable thickets, beaver ponds, aspen groves and snaking oxbow pools are in the valley right below stunted oaks and grass-covered dunes.

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The preserve contains an array of significant natural features: an undisturbed mature forest, a concentration of rare fern species and relatively extensive wetland habitat tied to riverine oxbows, short spring-fed tributaries dammed by beavers, and bands of alder thicket along the spring-fed wetland margins. The mature forest represents an excellent Sheyenne River stand which, in turn, represents some to the best development of eastern deciduous forest in North Dakota. All of the primary features are in the valley bottom or associated with groundwater seepage and springs near the base of the valley wall. Five state rare animals and seventeen rare plants have been discovered in these habitats. In these numbers are represented the highest concentration of ferns in the state and a notable orchid display. This is in addition to its wealth of game and fish resources and luxuriant array of more common plants.

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Legacy protects a variety of types of land: rural and urban preserves, preserves with towering beech trees and carpets of spring wildflowers, and recreational lands. Legacy preserves are open for family-friendly outdoor recreational activities, such as hiking, bird watching, skiing, nature study, and photography. Management goals for each preserve take both the natural and human components into account. Each property is special. We hope you enjoy visiting them!

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The preserves offer examples of most of the ecosystems that can be found on Long Island, including Prairie-Hempstead Plains, which is an endangered habitat, and Upland Forest.

The upland forest areas are of three varieties:

The mission of the county is to protect the environment of the preserves; to study the ecology of the preserves; to perform maintenance and restoration of natural systems, as required; and to provide educational and recreational activities for the public.

A guide to three nature preserves featuring abundant wildlife, water and hiking trails.

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Please Note! For preservation reasons, we respectfully request that no GeoCaches be placed in or near caves on the NSS Nature Preserves. NSS Policy prohibits such activity in or near the caves. Placement of geocaches on the rest of the property is regulated by each Preserve Manager. Please check with the respective Managers, before placing caches there.

Conservation and ecology work at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve in southwestern Wisconsin

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Other information pertinent to the use and protection of the NSS Nature Preserves can be found in the following Acts of the NSS Board of Governors:

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This publicly owned Boone County preserve is located southwest of Belvidere: 3 miles south of I-90 on Stone Quarry Rd., then 3.5 miles west on Poole Rd. A small parking area is provided just off Poole Rd. on the south side of the nature preserve.