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Fourth, far from making surveillance more difficult for a foreign government, localization requirements might in fact make it easier. By compelling companies to use local services rather than global ones, there is a greater likelihood of choosing companies with weak security measures. By their very nature, the global services are subject to intense worldwide competition, while local services—protected by the data localization requirements—might have less need to offer stronger security to attract customers, and fewer resources to do so, than companies with a global scale. Weaker security makes such systems easier targets for foreign surveillance. This is what we call the “Protected Local Provider” problem.

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if it could ever actualize itself in the real world as ..
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So you can say, “Well, I disagree with all that, that racist part.” But if you’re not paying attention to the nationalist part, that’s a problem. That’s a real problem.

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In fact, we can say that it is important to geography as a reality of the world, and at the same time it is important to geography as a subject: both what the world is, and what it is said to be.

There are many causes to the global problems expirenced in the world just as there are many effects.
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John Agnew’s territorial trap is dependent on the conviction that the “countries” on the map are not mere expressions of diplomacy, which is far too narrow an interest for the common person to care about, but all-encompassing expressions of life and society.The former importance, of nationalism to geography as a reality in the world, arises from the devoted, sometimes fanatical, actions of nations and those who would serve them and use them.

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But at the very least, the state is broadly considered to be geographic, and here I find the conventional position accurate, if not the conventional means of getting to it.And so it happens that state nationalism is geographic of necessity, and ethnic nationalism is geographic under most real-world circumstances.

but can the world survive nationalism ..