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Step 1 and beyond: Follow Nathan’s steps for the art of shameless self-promotion.

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Nathan — I agree with your steps completely. I’ve gone through my own challenges over the past year. I discovered that self- confidence is critical for being a success at anything. In our industry, it’s life or death. How many writers are out there right now that are afraid to pen to paper because of fear of failure. I’ve been there, I’ve found my way back (with the help of family, good friends and a lot of therapy)… now I’m ready. The rest of your steps are important too, but confidence is key.

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this was a great article. I have met many people who love to toot their own horn and no one listens to them! People always connect to what benefits them and by keeping it on an idea that everyone can be a part of makes this successful. Thanks so much!

This post resonates. There’s definitely a fine line to walk regarding self-promotion, especially w/in the social media sphere.

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I’ve been looking at some recent posts about promotion and gender differences and Nathan has identified some key points. I think you are right about the psychological angle. Although women have great ideas and believe in them completely it’s the promotion part that seems difficult (this article first made me look at things more closely).

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So often we’re uncomfortable talking about ourselves, but encouraging us to turn the focus on our ideas is a great way to help us self promote in a way that feels natural.

Nathan: great job clarifying the difference between self promotion and what some people call bragging.

You see this done in many other forms of media as well. It’s easy to spot this “love them or hate them” type of persona in radio. Obviously Howard Stern, Bubba the Love Sponge, Man Cow…They all are loud, daring, strongly opinionated and excellent self promoters.

Living that alternate cooler life, Insomniac says, putting your ultimate version of you in the game, is absolutely crucial to the experience.

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In order to write or do anything with any kind of credibility there’s going to have to be some level of confidence conveyed in what you’re doing – otherwise no one is going to listen. You have to at least seem like you know what you’re doing. On the other hand, pretending as if you’re the only gift God has ever made is destined is an activity that is destined for failure.

Good stuff Nathan. Chris Guillebeau just put up a post that sort of coincides with this post called The Small Man Builds Cages for Everyone:

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How timely Nathan. Just picked up a copy of Tribes -we need you to lead us by Seth Godin…prompted by an Australian Business Womens’ network initiative. I’ve always been happiest influencing from behind and now, have taken my first step out of the shaddow and into the light…hanging in the breeze. Your article has just given me a little shot of confidence to take another step forward. Thanks for your thoughts, thanks for your words, thanks for the inspiration. Viva la revolution!

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The neat thing about this post for me (other than just giving me encouragement to keep being passionate about the ideas I care about) was the idea that self promotion isn’t about self at all. It’s about something bigger than that.