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This means that the risks of invasiveness, for example, would be considered not more important than the risks of extinction, so regulations could open windows to experimental translocations under controlled semi-natural environments.

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At one time, researchers believed that there were only about 600 pandas remaining.
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While these cultivated successes could be viewed as examples of the potential conservation value of assisted migration, far less is known about the likelihood of success of this management practice for the species most directly threatened by climate-induced environmental change.

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The forestry researchers cooperating in the AMAT project are centered in British Columbia academia and timber companies, but also have collaborators in the USA Pacific NW and Alaska.Crucially, it sets the Canadian practices within the context of global climate initiatives in forestry.

For example, Douglas-fir is reported to become invasive in oak savannas as a result of long-term fire suppression (Devine and Harrington 2007).
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Second, there aremultiple processes not included in the models that could causeoverestimates of future mortality, for example, by not accounting for acclimation, adaptation, and islands of refugia (such as those associated with beneficial topographic settings); or converselyunderestimate future mortality by not including processes such asacceleration of insect population dynamics, increases in frequency and severity of wildfires, or failure of seedling recruitment. . .The rise in juniper mortality likelihood has alarming implications for conifers in general because juniper historically experienced far less mortality than other conifers during droughts. The consequences of such broad-scale change in forest cover are substantial, including massive transfer of carbon to a decomposable pool and changes in the surface energy budget. . .These simulations of climate-induced vegetation change are among the most rigorously tested by both experimental andobservational data sets of physiological conditions associated with tree mortality.

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NEW ENTRY opens up (the implication being that assisted migration will be necessary to bring the trees north): Chestnut and Chinkapin and Shingle oaks, Persimmon, Redbud, Dogwood, Honey locust, Ohio Buckeye, Pecan, Pin and Post and Scarlet oak, Red mulberry, Sassafras, River birch, Sycamore, Wild plum, Tuliptree.The paper concludes, in part:

"Although adaptation inherently spans the boundary between the research and management communities, the current conversation within the forestry community is still largely centered on understanding the potential impacts of climate change on forests.

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Nonetheless, this is a very interesting example of how a grassroots organization can pro- pel assisted migration into the forefront, causing a govern- mental agency to consider the use of this strategy."

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However, the historical process took place over several thousand years, whereas the observed shift in this study happened in a few decades, suggesting the impacts of recent climate change, along with other nonclimatic factors (for example, land use change and forest management), on vegetation dynamics.

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Here the controversial"Pleistocene rewilding" proposal was used as a novel example to address some of the challenges of extrapolating modeledspecies-climate relationships outside of current ranges.