What was Napoleon Bonaparte's background?

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Historical Background
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In April of 1814, Napoleon abdicated the throne and was exiled to the island of Elba.
Louis XVIII ascended to the French throne, restoring the Bourbon dynasty and bringing about the First Restoration.
Napoleon remained on Elba for only ten months, when he escaped and landed with 1,100 men near Cannes on March 1, 1815.

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1800-1812: Napoleons new Europe and scientific progress ; 1801: The First Battle of Copenhagen

What happened to Napoleons two sons

There werenow, in Talleyrand's opinion, several humiliated states thatcould only be expected to oppose Napoleonic France in thefuture.
Late in 1807 Napoleon, impatient with Talleyrand's independentviews on foreign policy, moved him away from holding the office offoreign minister but continued to call upon Talleyrand'sservices and counsels in foreign affairs.

After the displacement of the Spanish monarchy by Napoleonfrom May 1808 Talleyrand was reluctantly obliged to accomodatesome of the exiled Spanish royals (as things transpired untilMarch 1814!) at his own estate and château ofValençay.
Talleyrand had particularly disapproved of Napoleon's policyof overthrowing the Spanish monarchy and, although he did notadvertise the fact, he had actually become convinced that for thegood of France and of Europe he should covertly plot to ensureNapoleon's downfall.

Napoleon and Alexander I Tsar of Russia met at the Congress ofErfurt which began in late September, 1808.

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By1808, Napoleon was at the pinnacle of power. He controlled most ofEurope to some degree or other. France was tightly under control andefficiently run. But forces were converging that would bring theNapoleonic regime crashing down in ruins.

What was Napoleons background?
Napoleon’s military background shape his perspective from Ancient Regime royalist strategies like Jean-Baptiste, Vaquette de Gribeauval, Jean-Pierre du Teil and others.

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Talleyrand worked toward thereconciliation of the new France - as formed by the revolution,with the legacy of old France - that had been continued frombefore 1789.
He also hoped to work for the establishment of a peace - inhis own words:-

Napoleon's territorial ambitions, however, contributed to arenewal of a widespread conflict by provoking several continentalEuropean powers into alliances with the British.

After the defeat of Austria in 1805 Talleyrand urged thatmoderate peace terms be imposed but his counsels were overruled.

Napoleon as a Background to Monte Cristo. Most people don't realize this about Count of Monte Cristo. But it was a remarkably politically charged book.

Why Napoleon’s Invasion of Russia Was the Beginning of the End

The restof Europe saw Napoleon's imperial crown as part of a plan to rule allof Europe. This triggered the war of the Third Coalition of Austria,Britain, and Russia against France and Spain (1803-1807). Once again,Napoleon was faced with his old nemesis, Britain, that "nation ofshopkeepers" (to quote Adam Smith) whose navy shielded them from hismilitary might. If only the British navy could be removed, Napoleoncould slip across the Channel with his army and bring Britain to itsknees. His plan for removing the British fleet was to lure it to theWest Indies with the combined French and Spanish fleets. This wouldleave the Channel open for the French to cross. However, the Britishcommander, Nelson, guessed this plan and managed to blockade the Frenchand Spanish fleets in the Spanish port of Cadiz. When they tried tobreak out, the British crushed them in the Battle of Trafalgar (1805).Britain remained safe as its navy still ruled the waves.

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Thegovernment that Napoleon and his allies set up, the Consulate, was amockery of democracy and aptly reflected the above quotation. Peopleelected delegates who chose other delegates who chose other delegatesfrom whom were appointed legislators who had no power anyway. So muchfor the legislature. As for Napoleon's fellow conspirators, Ducos andSieyes, they were shoved into the background and forgotten within amonth, leaving Napoleon firmly in charge of France. However, hisposition was far from secure, because France was still ringed by theSecond Coalition.