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He describes Napoléon in the months leading up to his death, and led many, most notably Sten Forshufvud and Ben Weider, to conclude that he had been killed by arsenic poisoning.

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From a multitude of forensic reports they derive that Napoleon at his death weighed approx.

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"However, in regard to the claims of "General Winter," it should be noted that the main body of Napoleon's Grande Armée diminished by half during the first eight weeks of his invasion before the major battle of the campaign.

after his father's death Napoleon was propelled to take action on ..

In 2001, Pascal Kintz, of the Strasbourg Forensic Institute in France, added credence to this claim with a study of arsenic levels found in a lock of Napoleon's hair preserved after his death: they were seven to thirty-eight times higher than normal.

Francesco Antommarchi, Napoleon's personal physician, gave stomach  as a reason for Napoleon's death in his death certificate.
The metric system was introduced during the French First Republic, but was not in widespread use until after Napoleon's death.

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on October 23, Malet planned to announce the death of Napoleon and to establish a provisional government.

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