: Native American myths and stories from the Northwest Coast tribes.

By the 18th and 19th centuries most of the well-known myths and legends - such as those of King Arthur, Robin Hood and Lady Godiva - had arrived at the form in which they would be handed down to us.

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Here are some of the myths and legends I have collected to help save my world.

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Over a period of several hundred years the art of storytelling moved from the spoken to the written word as authors, historians, poets and playwrights began condensing a wide variety of, often contradictory, traditions into one definitive version of a particular myth or legend.

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It is therefore not surprising that Scotland has an extensive heritage of myths and legends.

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Printers, on the other hand, would gather together the many different facets of particular myths and legends and piece them together into one narrative.

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Meanwhile, new legendary figures - such as Dick Turpin and Jack the Ripper - have entered the national consciousness and evolved in much the same way as their predecessors did - that is by absorbing other traditions and using spurious facts to form cohesive narrative and arrive at a definitive version.

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Then, in the 15th century, the advance of printing both revolutionised and, ultimately, stunted the growth of the stoytellers art and supply of myths and legends.

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Each new invader and settler - be they Roman, Saxon, Angle, Jute, Dane or Viking – would mix their own beliefs and traditions with those of previous cultures and create new Myths and Legends or else expand on older ones.

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Meera Uberoi's Myths and Legends from Around the World, published by Ratna Sagar, brings to life 12 fantastical tales of gods and goddesses, legendary heroes, and beautiful, strong-willed women from across different cultures and regions. These timeless tales from Asia and Europe are decked with a wide range of emotions and feats of the characters such as love, longing, challenges, triumph, and failure. Written in simple, contemporary English, these myths and legends are narrated in an original and refreshing style. The book includes:

Finally, the  contains quotations from many of the historic and legendary events and people.

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Up until then a saga or tale may have been recorded in manuscript form somewhere, but it was minstrels, bards and storytellers who would take these myths and legends to a wider audience.

Spirits and Goblins is a huge Web site covering many of the myths and legends around the world.

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Myths became a record of events that were supposed to have happened in the distant, almost ethereal past, whilst legends began to focus on one particular figure or location.