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True I have not lived in or worked in Ireland. I am born and raised American, but my family is very proud of our Irish heritage and why shouldn’t we be? Just because our grandparents made their way here, where is it written, that we have to disregard our heritage. Traditions and history are what binds families together; how does this occur when apparently we are to shake off all we’ve known and learned in the opinion of people who think like yourself? We hold to traditions and celebrations that we’ve been taught because we need that connection. Nana and Pop were incredibly strong and proud and we all believe that strength and pride came from the Irish blood pumping in their veins and heart. Why shouldn’t we be proud to say we’ve inherited those traits and want to keep that connection alive?

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This type of generalization is, in my opinion, exaggerated and lacking in common sense.
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It is my opinion that The Interpretation of Dreams was not simply written as a methodology of deconstructing dreams and assigning them meaning, but its latent content (as it were) was a critique of scien...

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There has been much criticism as well as praise regarding psychoanalysis over the years, but a hard look at both the positive and negative feedback of critics of psychoanalysis shows, in my opinion, that psychoanalysis is indeed a "great idea" in personality that should not be overlooked. Sigmund Freud was the first psychoanalyst and a true pioneer in the recognition of the importance of unconscious mental activity.

I must admit that I did realize that Freud did not coin the term
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Although my paper detailed many criticisms of Freud's theory, I believe that these only serve to further illustrate one of psychoanalysis' greatest strengths: its controversiality.

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This, in my opinion, is by far the greatest achievement of Freud's psychoanalytic theory and overshadows any and all of its many criticisms.In his commentary "Great Ideas, But Great Science?" Jones asserts the primary weaknesses of my article to be many of the same criticisms made by Lin, as I have noted previously.

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I highlighted the basics of Freud's theory, and I maintain that the primary aspects of his psychoanalytic theory are explained quite adequately.Lin also cites my use of one of Freud's quotations in my conclusion and the fact that recent research has shown that, according to Lin, "Freud did not completely understand himself, which would contribute to his flawed data results." In regards to this point, I must admit that I am not familiar with the research Lin cites, and I can only offer my intent for including this quotation, which was merely to illustrate Freud's opinion that only individuals schooled in the details of psychoanalytic theory are in a position whereby they can offer their views of psychoanalysis.Perhaps more important though is the criticism of both Lin and Jones that I failed to establish psychoanalysis as a falsifiable theory.

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A people who can hide their true feelings would make great paramilitary plants for the Irish Republican Army, or excellent infiltrators of law enforcement of the Irish mob in Boston, which is why Freud’s thesis about the Irish — whether he said it or not — is so apt for The Departed.

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These include the arguments that the criticisms of psychoanalysis are left unresolved, that the strengths of psychoanalysis are vague and do not stack up well against its many criticisms, and that the falsifiability of the theory is not well-established.In addition, Jones finds fault with my categorization of the criticisms of Freud and his theory.