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Glad you visited the SHOE! My first trip there was early in 1979 later that fall I moved to South Lake Tahoe. When I look back to that first time there it was a blue jeans and beer crowd. The ski wear and people have changed but when the spruce trees are caked with snow the resort feels like a magical place almost like your skiing out west. My family and I enjoy it very much now having invested in a condo spending 30-40 days on the snow the past 4 years. Come on back I will give you some tips on how to ski more efficiently and lessen the burn as I use to ski regularly with Level 3 instructors and racers.

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If you’re a first time beginner contemplating your first ski trip what should you expect

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I remember it well because during that trip I
overcame my fear of the steeps and discovered my undying love of
back country skiing which lasts to this day."
-John C.
"We had friends that owned The Yodel Inn in Hideaway Park.

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I have been meaning to make it to Snowshoe for a long, long time, but the long drive always gave me second thoughts. Well, our company ski trip this year was Snowshoe, so I decided to make use of this opportunity to ski and hang out with my co-workers. I offer my observations on our beloved Mid-Atlantic giant:

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Here's what I experienced my first time skiing in Korea and some tips I found useful

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Bruner can find a way to make Cuchara Mountain resort work, but if he can not or chooses to not even try
in the end, I will cherish the fun I had sharing this area with my family and friends."
-Brooks T.
"My father owned a cabin in Cuchara and we would take a family trip every year, sometimes twice, to ski at Cuchara Valley.

My first trip there was early in 1979 later that fall I moved to South Lake Tahoe

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