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Both the rich and the poor seem to find it hard to accept that wealth is usually earned. In his 1956 book , economist described how the less fortunate were unwilling to accept that their poverty might be the result of their inadequacies, preferring to find a scapegoat.

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The poor black womanhad but the one child, whose eyes she saw closing indeath, while she thanked God for taking her awayfrom the greater bitterness of life.

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It is now long ago that I learned this lesson fromGeneral Armstrong, and resolved that I would permitno man, no matter what his colour might be, tonarrow and degrade may soul by making me hatehim. With God's help, I believe that I havecompletely rid myself of any ill feeling toward theSouthern white man for any wrong that he mayhave inflicted upon my race. I am made to feeljust as happy now when I am rendering service toSouthern white men as when the service is renderedto a member of my own race. I pity from thebottom of my heart any individual who is sounfortunate as to get into the habit of holding raceprejudice.

There are noble men and women whoplead for us, striving to help those who cannot helpthemselves.

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Ryan, you and Larens love for Crusoe has always made me happy. Crusoe is a special guy, very special. Meeting him and seeing you and Lauren in person was and remains a very happy memory for me and Mazie.
I LOVE how you’ve built Cru ramps, including his very cool desk! I’m so sorry the back issue came anyway.
Thank you for sharing….I believe in positive thoughts and love—and based on Crusoes fans around the world who love him dearly, I have no doubt Crusoe can feel the love and this will help in his FAST recovery. Hoping you and Lauren feel the love too. Please give Crusoe a kiss from us. We look forward to hearing great news. Love. Gayle

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The right interventions can be hugely successful, helping your child to perform better at school, find and maintain friends, gain confidence and self esteem and communicate needs, wants and feelings with others.

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Chiropractics has helped my doxies over the years. First one we had we had no idea that there was an option in chiropractics. She got through her recommended surgery but died of complications involving all the meds after. She was only 4 years old. That was 2004. It still brings me to tears. My chiropractor told me he probably could have helped, and after years of taking my other 2 doxies there at the first sign of a problem, I believe him! I don’t know if that would help your special Crusoe, but hopefully water therapy will! I will be asking my chiropractor if he has ever treated a dog after they have had surgery. Thoughts and prayers for you all. Crusoe is so special ♥

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or anybody else had even thought anything aboutthe need of covering for my head. But, of course,when I saw how all the other boys were dressed, Ibegan to feel quite uncomfortable. As usual, Iput the case before my mother, and she explainedto me that she had no money with which to buy a"store hat," which was a rather new institution atthat time among the members of my race and wasconsidered quite the thing for young and old toown, but that she would find a way to help me outof the difficulty. She accordingly got two piecesof "homespun" (jeans) and sewed them together,and I was soon the proud possessor of my firstcap.

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Crusoe, may the good Lord bless your surgical team so that they may help you make a full recovery. Scooter and Rommel send their love your way as do I. Hugs to Mum and Dad, I know they need it as I have been in their shoes before.

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clothes and pay my travelling expenses. Mybrother John helped me all that he could, but ofcourse that was not a great deal, for his work wasin the coal-mine, where he did not earn much, anmost of what he did earn went in the direction ofpaying the household expenses.