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Officially entering the music scene in 2016, Birmingham rapper MIST created a sound that couldn’t be ignored. Like many artists, he started out by releasing numerous mixtapes. Collaborating with his fellow Birmingham producer Shadow, the duo put together the track ‘Smokey’; reaching over a million YouTube views overnight.

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The machine is easy to use and covers my whole body with sunscreen, and I love the actual mist!

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And all that reminds me: personal experience is the very best for reliably informing anyone’s personal opinion. Einstein said you can’t love or hate something without knowing it …

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We like that we do not have to carry sunscreen everywhere with us now, and our kids love having their sunscreen misted onto them!

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Way to follow through on the dream! There is some kind of special room reserved for you in the “bagpipe geek” section of heaven, and I hope the scenery is as great. Awesome bagpipe posture, btw. Did you get a recording? I played a set of pipes on the Big Rideau Lake this summer, but on a boat (engine off). Not the same at all, but I get how it must’ve been great. Thanks for posting. Love the photo.

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Following his social media success he appeared on Charlie Sloths ‘Fire in the Booth’ and releasing his successful EP – M I S to the T. Known for his unique persona through his lyrics and creative visuals, MIST continues to raise the bar.

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Like anywhere in the northern hemisphere, days are “fair drawing in” – getting shorter. Still, we set off for the shore of the lake around 0700 h – dawn at hand and in the morning cool, the warm summer water of the lake released amazing wisps of ethereal mist. On this morning, the lake was on our side. It was as if we had hired a perfectly outfitted Hollywood sound stage: glassy waters, swirling puffs of fog machine mist (only without the fog machine) and sturdy canoe – and mostly willing brother-with-paddle [BTW: he hated but was OK with the – I won’t share his reasons here].

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Steadying ourselves on the dock off the beach, Robert and I dropped the canoe in the water – splash. And you could just almost hear the water over the three seriously-excited dogs, one a guest, like me for the weekend, the other two, resident enthusiastic lovers of the pipes. With dogs barking, flailing about and thwacking each other around the swaying dock, I passed the pipes to Jane and took my place. She easily handed them back, and Robert – – took his seat – and his paddle. His challenge: one paddle and roughly 450 pounds of weight to propel through the water … oh yes, and the music, the sweet music – he needed to help push that along, too.

We Should Have Been Stars was the very first song written under the name Mist, in 2002

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I loved my Sunscreen Mist experience! I like that I do not need to carry sunscreen everywhere I go, but rather just step into the booth to get my sunscreen, step out, and let the sun shine on!