This statement is confirmed throughout Much Ado About Nothing.

Silence is something that Shakespeare always views with suspicion, and this play is no different. Silence is actually worse than talking because it leads to plotting and conniving. As Don John says, "I am not a man of many words" (1.1.127), thereby marking him as a man who instead will plot against the others. Indeed, it is soon obvious that silence is worse than talking too much, something that Beatrice and Benedick do. The danger of silence also affects the relationship between Hero and Claudio. Since they fail to talk with one another, they never resolve questions relating to the other's motives. Indeed, a crucial first mistake for Claudio is when he allows Don Pedro to speak to Hero for him, thereby creating confusion about Don Pedro's true motives.

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This ideology can be seen in his play Much Ado about Nothing.

Lying about on the slopes of grass are the humble townsfolk basking in the sunshine as a soft voice introduces; “Sigh no more ladies, sigh no more.” This dreamlike setting is the opening scene of the major motion picture Much Ado About Nothing as envisioned by film director Kenneth Branagh.

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Much Ado About Nothing shows different ways of how people are attracted to one another, and how their realization and definitions of "love" relate to their perceptions of inward and outward beauty....

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Indeed, the play is about nothing; it merely follows the relationships of Claudio and Hero, and in the end, the play culminates in the two other main characters falling in love, which, because it was an event that was quite predictable, proves to be much ado about nothing The pronunciation of the word "nothing" would, in the late 16th Century, have been "noting," and so the title also apparently suggests...

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Much Ado About Nothing is both a sublime comedy and a biting drama revolving around how we can be stirred into action (Much Ado) by untruths and falsehoods (Nothing). The story is driven by the fact that both good and bad consequences arise out of the lies, deceits, pretences, misrepresentations and distortions perpetrated by many characters in the play. These deceptions in the play have both positive and destructive motives. Benedick is led to believe Beatrice is pining for him while Beatrice is hoodwinked into believing that Benedick is languishing out of unrequited love for her. Hero is misled by a masked Don Pedro into believing he is Count Claudio wooing her. Claudio himself pretends to be Benedick at one point and Margaret the servant girl pretends to be Beatrice. Benedick pretends he is not himself at the masked ball while at the same time Beatrice pretends she does not recognise him. The evil Don John first tries to persuade Claudio that Don Pedro has stolen Hero, his love, from him and then, even worse, Don John and Borachio manufacture a scenario in which Claudio and Don Pedro are misled into believing that Hero is unfaithful to Claudio on the night before their wedding. Perhaps most dramatically of all, Claudio is deceived into believing that Hero has died of shame and dishonour as a result of his false accusations. And finally, Claudio is led to believe that he is about to marry dead Hero’s cousin and Beatrice and Benedick refuse to admit that they love each other until the truth is revealed, Don John exposed as a villainous liar and all is happily resolved.

The main plot of Much Ado About Nothing is that of the relationship between Claudio and Hero.

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All of the characters in Much Ado About Nothing seemed to develop a personality of their own from the very first scene. It also helped that I saw the movie version of Much Ado About Nothing before we read the play so I could almost get a picture in my head as t...

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In the end, though, it all turns out to be "much ado about nothing."No more mirrors below, please!

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