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Further analysis of the kidney protein profile from control and MTBE-treated male rats confirmed the accumulation of alpha2u-globulin with no other protein detected (Prescott-Mathews et al., 1997).


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(1997) found that the elimination of radiolabelled MTBE in rats was rapid and mainly occurred through lungs and kidneys irrespective of administration route.

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Collectively these studies demonstrated that MTBE is rapidly eliminated from blood (half-life = 0.5 h) by exhalation and metabolism to TBA (see Table 15).

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MTBE was biodegraded anaerobically only to a very limited extent (Pence, 1987b), and an average cumulative theoretical gas production of only 7.1% was achieve within 56 days.

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Based upon measured rate constants for reactions with hydroxyl radicals in air (Cox & Goldstone, 1982; Atkinson, 1985; Wallington et al., 1988, 1989; Atkinson, 1990; Japar et al., 1990), the half-life for MTBE has been estimated to be between 20.7 and 265 h (Howard et al., 1991).

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4.3.2 Anaerobic conditions Biodegradability of MTBE to methane under anaerobic conditions has been determined by measuring the production of CH4 and CO2 during exposure of MTBE to a large population of anaerobic bacteria.

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Rates of reaction of oxygenates and their decomposition products with hydroxyl radicals at 25°C Compound Rate Reference (10-12 cm3 sec-1 molecule-1) MTBE 3.2 Japar et al., 1991 ETBE 8.5 Japar et al., 1991 TBF 0.74 Smith et al., 1991 TBA 1.1 Japar et al., 1991 Formaldehyde 9.0 Atkinson & Pitts, 1978 2-methoxy-2-methyl propanala 30 Japar et al., 1991 a Estimated from rates for other aldehydes 4.4.2 Natural waters MTBE is not expected to adsorb significantly to bed sediments of suspended sediments, hydrolyse, directly photolyse, or photo-oxidize via reaction with photochemically produced radicals in water.

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Factors influencing the degradation of MTBE, ETBE and TBA were determined, and included anaerobic microbial populations, soil anions, soil moisture content, organic content, nitrogen availability, rate of ammonium "fixation", and soil pH.

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They assessed the formation of methane from a range of substrates, and after at least 249 days no evidence for anaerobic degradation of MTBE could be found.

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On the basis of the rate constant of each of the reactions and the concentrations of the reactants, the reaction with the hydroxyl radical is considered to be the most important removal process for MTBE in the atmosphere.