Kate Hudson in The Skeleton Key.

However, if you have the inexplicable desire to find out what the last reel of �Angel Heart� would be like stretched out to 104 minutes, then by all means go and see �The Skeleton Key.�

Sarsgaard and Hudson in The Skeleton Key.

Skeleton Key to the Suicide of my Father, Ross Lockridge, Jr., Author of Raintree County [Ernest H

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'Screenplay by Ehren Krueger"
There are any number of ancient and evil curses on display in the new supernatural thriller �The Skeleton Key� but none are as terrifying and all-powerful as the Curse of Ehren Krueger.

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But nothing as such in the South can rise again without being overcome by hundreds of years of homespun logic and Kruger clich�s.I�ll give credit to The Skeleton Key for following through with its ending.

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The Skeleton Key is a 2005 American supernatural ..

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