DJ Negro helped her and introduced her to a group called “Noise”.

The Ethiopians claim that their rulers are descended from Menilek, son of King Solomon and Queen of Sheba, thus giving rise to the imperial title "Lion of Judah." The is regarded as the final authority on the early history of Ethiopia, and its origin in the Solomonic lines of kings, which "descends without interruption from the dynasty of Menelik I, son of Queen of Ethiopia, Queen of Sheba and King Solomon of Jerusalem." This idea exists in the folk lore of many Jewish, Moslem and Christian countries .The relationship between Ethiopia, Lion of Judah, and Israel is apparent in Ethiopia’s national emblem, the six pointed star, which corresponds to the Shield (Seal) of David on Israel’s flag Here is the tale of how Solomon’s son became the King of Ethiopia: When her visits to him multiplied, he longed for her greatly and entreated her to yield herself to him.

There, Ivy was proclaimed the “Rap Singer of the Year”.

In the same year, Ivy traveled to Panama where she represented Puerto Rico in “The Battle of Rap”.

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Release me from my vow and be released from yours and I will give you all that you desire." And he permitted her to drink water, and after she had drunk water she gave herself into his embrace willingly.

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Before she left, she gave Solomon 120 talents of gold (10 million dollars), precious stones and spices in great abundance, and highly prized sandalwood for his temple.

Instead she focuses on her lyrics which contain positive messages for her generation.

The capital of Sheba was the city of Ma'rib.

It was natural that they should have acknowledged a peculiar attraction to the most famous and glorious of all building enterprises, King Solomon’s temple.

It was a fertile oasis in the desert.

Menelik along with the Elders of Israel took the Ark of the Covenant and established the Kingdom of David in Ethiopia, this Kingdom remained up till the time of Haile Selassie I, the Last Solomonic King of Kings of the EarthThe paper I have presented today is for entertainment and enlightenment.

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And concerning his father none shall ask questions for verily he is a Israelite of the seed of David, fashioned perfectly in the likeness of his father’s form and appearance; we are his servants and he shall be our King." And they brought unto him gifts each according to his greatness.

Ivy usually speaks in her songs about Puerto Rico and about the abuse that many women suffer.

Let us begin by referring to : 1.

The book of in the are thought to have originated from Solomon, as are the and even the book of is attributed to some as Solomon’s wisdom in his declining years.

What was so special about her visit that it is afforded such detail in the VOSL?

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Leo died at home in Santa Maria early in the morning of January 22nd, with Audrey and family at his side. He was born in a taxi in Chicago, anxious to get busy with his life. With his parents Felix and Mary and older brother Raymond, the family moved to California and settled in the San Fernando Valley when he was 13. As a teenager, he helped his father build their home in the Valley. He attended St. Elisabeth School and St. Monica High School. After school, he served honorably in the Coast Guard on an icebreaker. In Cleveland, Ohio he met the love of his life, Audrey Bush, whom he married on November 6, 1954. The young couple settled into a small house in North Hollywood and began a family. As the family grew in size, homes in Van Nuys, Victorville, San Dimas, and Chatsworth followed, eventually downsizing to retire in Santa Maria.

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The spices of Sheba were highly prized.

Some historians even view him as a tyrant who became devoted to his own glory, and whose greed and extravagance led him to build his kingdom on injustice, oppression and misery.