Stepmothers and stepdaughters: A charged relationship

With over 1,000 versions of Cinderella, many variations of the story exist. Although this Perrault version does not mention Cinderella's mother beyond this reference, many versions have the dead mother providing assistance to her daughter in either animal form or through magical objects which appear from a tree on the mother's grave (the Grimms' version uses the tree).

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The mother and daughter-in-law conflict has existed throughout all of history

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What worries me as a mother is that, while the mother-son relationship is so often tinged with negative connotations (mummy’s boy, doormat to her son), the father-daughter bond is celebrated as one of life’s great joys, and I’d like a piece of that, as a parent.

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But I think it's more than that; much though I hate to admit it, I think there is some sort of natural affinity between fathers and daughters. I am definitely much harder on my mother than I am on my father, and vice versa. My brother and I live an ocean away from our parents, and as we have been planning his wedding over the past few weeks, he handles the bulk of communications with my mother, and I with my father (despite the fact that our parents are very happily married and live together). Much though we both love both parents, working out plans with our opposite-gender-parent has proven far easier.

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These supportive mother friends have also argued that my daughter’s affinity for her father stems from the fact that I've been distracted by being pregnant/dealing with her newborn brother for the past few months, so she's pragmatically focusing on the parent who is available.

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Cinderella's father is absent but not dead in most of the older versions of the tale. Since the conflict between Cinderella and her stepfamily is domestic, it can be assumed her father does not interfere in what was considered a woman's domain. Many modern interpretations, such as the recent film Ever After (1998) starring Drew Barrymore, have the father dead to explain why he does not prevent the mistreatment of his daughter.

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But when he talks to his friends or colleagues, he and his family will be within his circle, and the friends and colleagues are outsiders. So he uses "haha" to refer to his own mother and "okaasan" to refer to other people's mother. When a Japanese is talking to you and he says "okaasan" without saying "my" or "your", you know he is referring to your mother.