They and other moon walkers experienced the effects of no atmosphere.

The Moon was heavily bombarded early in its history, which caused many ofthe original rocks of the ancient crust to be thoroughly mixed, melted,buried, or obliterated.

The moon contains 5 major divisions in its interior.

Current knowledge of the Moonis greater than for any other solar system object except Earth.

It shows a portionof the Moon's heavily cratered far side.

Northward-trending fractures, likely caused by a change in the moon's rate of rotation and the consequent flattening of the moon's shape, rip across the southern hemisphere.

The rugged terrain seen here is typical of the farside of the Moon.

Last month, Cassini dove through some of these plumes and determined that they contained water vapor laced with small amounts of methane as well as simple and complex organic molecules.

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first man to step onto thesurface of the Moon.

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Verysmall but real librations (maximum about 0°.04) are caused by theeffect of the Sun's gravity and the eccentricity of Earth's orbit,perturbing the Moon's orbit and allowing cyclical preponderances oftorque in both east-west and north-south directions.

Titan is the largest moon of Saturn

Thereis only residual tectonic activity due to cooling and tidal forcing, butother moonquakes have been caused by meteor impacts and artificial means,such as deliberately crashing the Lunar Module into the moon.

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Meteoriticimpacts brought a variety of "exotic" rocks to the Moonso that samples obtained from only 9 locationsproduced many different rock types for study.

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The impacts alsoexposed Moon rocks of great depth and distributed their fragmentslaterally away from their places of origin, making them more accessible.

Seismic information has influenced theories about theformation and evolution of the Moon.

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This information, coupled with observations by Cassini's other instruments, may answer the question of whether reservoirs of liquid water exist beneath the surface.

It is found over the entire Moon, with the exception of steepcrater and valley walls.

Valley of the Moon Water District

However, we cannot decide yet if the water is currently 'trapped' within huge pockets in Enceladus' thick ice crust or still connected to a large ocean in contact with the rocky core."

This artist's conception shows the interior of the moon based off of newresearch by NASA.

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Thissynchronous rotation is caused by an unsymmetrical distribution of massin the Moon, which has allowed Earth's gravity to keep one lunarhemisphere permanently turned toward Earth.