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The nature of the places you will be fishing for two hours or less may not require chest waders, but having a change of pants and a pair of wading boots stashed in the trunk of your car can save a suit and good shoes. If you are a lawyer, I am sure neither your clients nor the judge would appreciate strands of drying milfoil trailing the heel of either of your Guccis. If you have spent your entire workday shoveling concrete into the hopper of a curb machine and arguing with mixer drivers (as I have in the past), then you shouldn’t worry too much about the change of clothes—those yellow rubber overshoes probably could use a cleaning, anyway.

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It looks like the lake is completely frozen over from our vantage point in the northwest corner

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Ancient Buddhist texts like Anguttara Nikaya [1] make frequent reference to sixteen great kingdoms and republics (Solas Mahajanapadas) which had evolved and flourished in the northern/north-western parts of the Indian subcontinent prior to the rise of Buddhism in India.

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Philological and linguistic evidence indicate that the Rigveda was composed in the north-western region of the Indian subcontinent, roughly between 1700–1100 BC[4] (the early Vedic period).

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Be aware in this age of litigation that you may be held responsible for such simple acts as planting invasive eurasian milfoil or parrots feather in your garden pond and having it escape over the fence to someone's valuable lake.

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Current state law prohibits transportation of all aquatic plants (with a few exceptions). This law will not only help prevent the spread of Eurasian watermilfoil, but it will also reduce the risk of zebra mussels being transported while attached to aquatic plants. In addition, it will reduce the inadvertent transport of other harmful plants into or within the state.

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In addition to the NWYRC Green Fleet events, there are other local green fleet style events to attend. The Milfoil Dodger series is popular among Seattle area sailing programs. They are casual one day regattas with an emphasis on fun and learning. Many novice racers will participate in both the Milfoils and Green Fleet at the NWYRC regattas. Milfoils are a great way to gain confidence and experience. The Milfoil Dodger Calendar is below...

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- Roman Spain - "By 133 B.C., Rome had extended its dominations westward to include all of Spain except for the northwestern quarter." 133 B.C.

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The DNR designates waters that contain populations of Eurasian watermilfoil, faucet snail, New Zealand mudsnail, zebra mussel, ruffe, round goby, spiny water flea, VHS fish disease, and white perch as . Those waters will be posted with Invasive Species Alert signs at the public water accesses and listed in the annual DNR Fishing Regulations booklet.