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UWF TV Champion Terry Taylor matches at Starrcade
Florida Heavyweight Champion Mike Rotunda pinned Cougar Jay with the airplane spin at 1:20
Ricky Santana pinned Thunderfoot #2 with a crossbody off the top at 1:33; after the bout, Tony Schiavone conducted a ringside interview with Santana and NWA World Champion Ron Garvin, with Santana briefly speaking in Spasnish before Garvin spoke about facing Ric Flair at Starrcade
Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson defeated Gladiator #1 & Chance McQuade at 1:16 when Gibson pinned McQuade after the double dropkick
NWA World Champion Ron Garvin pinned Johnny Ace at the 47-second mark by sitting on Ace after hitting the right hand punch
Mighty Wilbur pinned Larry Stephens with the splash at the 56-second mark; after the bout, Tony Schiavone conducted a ringside interview with Wilbur about Paul Jones, Ivan Koloff, and the Warlord:
Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin vs.

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The most decorated Olympian in history, Michael Phelps says he's done competing

and he doesn't look bad on it either girls

For the average person the total length between outstretched arms from tip to tip is about the same as that person’s height, give or take an inch or two. Phelps’ wingspan however is fully three inches longer than his height. It’s hard to say if this abnormality is the key to success in his signature stroke, the butterfly, but it certainly helped at Beijing in 2008 when Phelps dramatically won the 100m gold by outreaching Serbia’s Milorad Cavic by just a fingertip after an awkward final half-stroke.

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Phelps still has a long road ahead if he wants to return to the top of the Olympic podium. He will be over 30 when Rio Games come around, and if the failed return of his former idol Ian Thorpe is any indication, things could all go horribly wrong.

23/07/2012 · Michael Phelps reveals details of his 12,000 calories a day diet..

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