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In Northern Mexico, Santa Clos (Santa Claus) brings children large gifts on Christmas Day, and Los Reyes Magos give smaller gifts in January. Los Reyes Magos is Spanish for "the three wise men." Presents are sometimes opened very early on Christmas Day, right after the midnight mass and accompanying feast.

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Over this week and next–and really, since the beginning of the month–everyone across the United States has engaged in Christmas food festivities, even if you're not a Christian. For us Mexicans, we have the best of both worlds: not only do we get to go to holiday parties, not only do we indulged in work potlucks, but we get to return home nearly every day to a gluttony that won't end until January because Jesus says so. From pozole to rompope to non-stop tamales, here are 10 food signs that show it's a Mexican Christmas.

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Ponche (punch) is a hot drink that is popular during Christmas in Mexico. Vendors sell it in the marketplaces, often along with buñuelos. Ponche is made with dark brown cane sugar and cinnamon sticks, mixed with water and fruits such as apples, oranges and guavas.

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In Mexico City, many people celebrate by decorating Christmas trees and adorning their houses with Christmas lights. There is a Festival of Lights held in the capital at the Plaza de la Constitucion. Colorful lights are hung everywhere in the ancient plaza, and there is a flag-raising and lowering ceremony every morning and evening throughout the holidays.

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Throughout Christmas in Mexico, plays are put on to tell the story of the savior. Pastorelas are plays based on the birth of Jesus and the shepherds who follow the Star of Bethlehem. They are performed in a traditional way in small towns and mostly stick to the original Christmas Story.

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After the midnight mass, feasting and celebration continue into the early morning hours. There aren't any Christmas Day celebrations in Mexico because this is considered a day to relax and be with family. During Christmas day, most people rest and eat leftovers from the feast.

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They are a handsome embellishment for any Christmas tree, so appealing, in fact, that you will want to keep them displayed all year long!

These charming clay ornaments are perfect for outfitting your Christmas tree with a touch of Mexican flare.

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One decoration that is unique to Hispanic culture is the sugar skull. This decoration comes from the Aztec Day of the Dead celebration, but it appears at Christmas as well, especially in the traditional handcrafted Mexican Christmas decorations.

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In the Southern states, El niño Dios (baby Jesus) brings a few small gifts on Christmas Day, and Los Reyes Magos give the larger gifts on January 6. This is the original tradition of Christmas in Mexico, but it has been changed in parts of the country to be more like Christmas in the United States.