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Accessible via two international airports in Puebla (PBC) and Mexico City (MEX), Puebla is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that lies 136 km (84 mi) from Mexico City and has approximately 5,000 colonial buildings. With a population of 2.7 million, Puebla is famous for a deep cultural identity, delicious cuisine, and Talavera ceramics. Puebla has a mild climate year-round.

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Handcrafted Mexican talavera ceramic tile achieves a level of old world craftsmanship that is elegant, and timeless; it can be used to cover an entire surface and influence the mood of a space.

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Self-directed sessions of 6 to 12 weeks during 2018 in the majestic central historic district of Puebla, southern Mexico (a world capital for premier ceramics).

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The Mexican Ceramics Special Artist Residency is a self-directed Art Production Residency that provides the unique opportunity to produce a variety of work on-site or at a prominent ceramics factory studio in the central historic district of Puebla (the majestic city most famous for Talavera ceramics).

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A spectacular, four-story 1939 Mexican Colonial California-style compound conveniently located in Puebla's central historic district and close to the city square accommodates the offices, residency space for up to 12 artists-in-residence, and numerous production spaces of Arquetopia. The residency offers a large, natural-light studio; a darkroom; a printmaking studio, a ceramics firing facility with a medium-sized gas kiln; a natural pigments laboratory; a multi-room public gallery space; ten furnished bedrooms; a large dining room; an open-access kitchen; furnished outdoor terraces and viewing decks; a small botanical garden; a research library; and a rooftop lounge with panoramic views of the city.

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Thus, while the intricate polychrome and more typical blue and white designs portray their old world legacy, the indigenous floral and celestial motifs featured on these pages claim the ceramics as classically Mexican.

Most of the Talavera pottery offered by La Fuente Imports, including all plates, platters, and place settings, is made by hand in Puebla, Mexico, and is 100% lead-free as well as microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe.

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The name Talavera was given to this new form of ceramics to honor the Spanish craftsmen, who were from the town of Talavera De La Reina Spain, and introduced the new industry to Mexico.

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Latin Accents has transformed Mexican Talavera tile with vibrant colors, unique and creative designs and an innovation most important of all, a durable porcelain hand painted tile body suitable for use in swimming pools and outdoor installations in all climates. We import into Mexico from Europe an all-weather porcelain body that is then hand paint by artists in Puebla, the most renowned source for high quality artisan ceramics in Mexico.