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Until that time, a number of items from the collection are on temporary display throughout the museum.Robert Lehman CollectionOn the passing of banker Robert Lehman in 1969, his Foundation donated close to 3,000 works of art to the museum.

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In addition, scholars of archaeology and art history conduct advanced research projects at the museum.


In 1866 a group of Americans in Paris, France, gathered at a restaurant to celebrate the Fourth of July (American Independence Day).

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After dinner, John Jay, a prominent lawyer and grandson of eminent American jurist John Jay, gave a speech proposing that he and his compatriots create a “national institution and gallery of art.” During the next four years, they convinced American civic leaders, art collectors, and philanthropists to support the project, and in 1870 the Metropolitan Museum of Art was incorporated.

The new section, with its rich Beaux-Arts front, face to face with the grid of New York, brought the Metropolitan into the fabric of the city.

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But it is Indiana limestone, and the ongoing cleaning of the great, sweeping main facade of the Metropolitan Museum of Art is transforming the museum's north and south wings from grand classical-style monuments into something personal, even poetic.
The museum's first buildings in Central Park were set back from Fifth Avenue and shared the appearance of structures set within a park, apart from the city.

a "museum within the Museum" – devoted to the arts of Asia

The department exhibits various pieces of armor, edged weapons (such as spears and swords), and firearms as works of art.


"The Met is a universal museum: every category of art in every known medium from every part of the world during every epoch of recorded time is represented here and thus available for contemplation or study -- not in isolation but in comparison with other times, other cultures, and other media."
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The Met Store is a fabulous place to buy gifts; you will find publications based on past and present exhibits, stationary, puzzles, jewelry and other reproductions produced by the Museum.

However, Michelangelo's Angel statue, central to the book's plot, is purely fictional and not actually part of the museum's collection.

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Most of the other departmental libraries are for museum staff only or are open to the general public by appointment only.Medieval ArtThe Met's collection of medieval art consists of a comprehensive range of Western art from the 4th century through the early 16th century, as well as Byzantine and pre-medieval European antiquities not included in the ancient Greek and Roman collection.

Several of the museum's departments have their own specialized libraries relating to their area of expertise.

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The museum publishes more than 20 catalogues, periodicals, scholarly books, and popular guides each year.


The Met has two major libraries that house reference works, exhibition and sales catalogues, books on archaeology and art history, and photographs and slides.

However, the museum regularly rotates its exhibits, enabling returning visitors to see a large proportion of the museum’s holdings.

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The 1,000-foot-long plaza denatures the entrance's basic vertical character; the spreading staircase destroys the tart separateness of the twin-column bases; and the plaza paving is a much less friendly contrast against the limestone wings than was the grass.

Writing in Artforum in 1970, the critic and historian Bernhard Leitner lamented ''the obtrusive dictatorship of the new scale'' and called the result the ''Metropolitan Bank of Art.''

Still, a wanderer in the art gallery that is the city's streets cannot be too picky, and the Fifth Avenue front does reward the art lover willing to pause before entering.