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Organic production technology has been developed for most of the crops which are being grown under Tarai as well as hilly areas. Under Tarai conditions organic package of practices have been developed for Basmati rice based cropping systems. Basmati rice grain yield during five years of experimentation showed a increasing trend though slight increase in initial 3 year and a drastic increase in fourth and fifth year in 100% organic mode (52.0% more over initial) and this observed cumulative yields of basmati rice over years under organic mode of nutrient management may be attributed to the build up of organic matter, accumulation of nutrients over years and improvement in physico-chemical properties of soil.

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& Conclusion The stress was always tensile along the longi- & Aims We aimed at evaluating patterns of maturation stress tudinal direction and compressive along the tangential direc- on eucalypt plantation trees and their relation with growth, tion, and their respective magnitude was positively correlated.

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Pallet boxes are very efficient for transportingproduce from the field to the packinghouse or for handling produce in thepackinghouse. Pallet boxes have a standard floor size (1200 × 1000 mm) anddepending on the commodity have standard heights. Advantages of the pallet boxare that it reduces the labour and cost of loading, filling, and unloading;reduces space for storage; and increases speed of mechanical harvest. The majordisadvantage is that the return volume of most pallet boxes is the same as thefull load. Higher investment is also required for the forklift truck, trailer,and handling systems to empty the boxes. They are not affordable to smallproducers because of high, initial capital investment.

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