Joseph H. Summers, The Masks of Twelfth Night, 1955

In an age where popularity for romantic comedy had already greatly dwindled, Shakespeare did everything possible to make Twelfth Night his grand finale of this particular genre of festive, lighthearted comedies....

John W. Draper, The Twelfth Night of Shakespeare's Audience, 1950


The “Twelfth Night” is no exception to this rule.

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Twelfth Night features Maria, the lady in waiting to Olivia.

- Hotson, Leslie. The First Night of Twelfth Night. London: R. Hart-Davis, 1954. Speculates that the play was first performed for Queen Elizabeth at court, and interprets the play as topical satire.

Malvolio is one of the main sources of humour in Twelfth Night.

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However, it can be suggested that certain elements of Twelfth Night are not interpreted to be purely comedic; Shakespeare has incorporated serious and controversial subjects such as the idea of genuine love, the patriarchy of the time and the cruel gulling of Malvolio....

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In the Twelfth Night, the character Duke Orsino uses flowery and over-dramatic language, long poetic sentence structure, and melodramatic metaphors to display his overemotional romantic nature despite the different emotions in his various speeches....

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Shakespeare also uses the music and poetry in Twelfth Night to foreshadow what is going to happen for the rest of the performance and to reveal major themes in the play....

Two plays in particular—As You Like It and Twelfth Night—rely significantly on subtext.

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Because of this, critics find that there is a very thin line between the categorisation of the novel and therefore see ‘Twelfth Night’ as both comedy and tragedy despite the fact that the audience and Shakespeare call this play a comedy....

Twelfth Night is a romantic comedy, and romantic love is the play’s main focus.

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Twelfth Night’s characters have a layer of ambiguity stemming from their use of illusion in the form of mistaken identity.

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It is announced at the beginning of the play ‘If music be the food of love play on’ and from this you know that love will be a main aspect in Twelfth Night.