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Accordingly we maintain the KOMINFORM web-site for outwards propaganda inthe sense that it should give a quick-reference picture of our world and ofthe political processes going on...

I am not sure ifthis is a discussion list or not.

The general aim of the List is to be informative, toavoid sectarian sterility, and to host wide-ranging debates on socialisttheory, politics, economics, history, ecology and cultural affairs.

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We always welcome all new participants.

Starting off with volume 1 chapter 1 we will step by step, sentence bysentence go through all the three volumes and develop our understanding ofMarx's analysis of capitalism and political economy.

ground rules============Please - debate yes, slander no.

It should be understood (and for theavoidance of doubt) that while everyone is entitled to their views, thisList, as the name suggests, is a socialist list with a marxist-leninistorientation and subscribers should bear this in mind.

Sectarian or "I'm more Marxist than you"attitudes are not welcome.

To make the CRG a success we need to read Capital in a fresh way, we needto read it dialectically; we need to read it on a scientific basis forMarxism is a science.

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(The CRG was originally a sublist of Leninist-International.)This discussion list has been marked Dormant which means that there hasbeen no posts on the list for a very lengthy period of time.

Deeds expose the truth behind words, as being determinesconsciousness.

We will read Capital withrevolutionary spirit.

But we do ask that discussionshould be civilised, follow parliamentary standards of debate, there shouldbe no flaming, no ad hominem arguments or baiting, no gratuitous insults,and we look for contributors to aim for a reasonably high standard ofdebate.

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