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In Treviso, Benetton last week set out its next stage of life – as a committed investor in the UN’s mission to improve women’s lives around the world. But it is fair to say the adverts that accompany it fall short of the usual Benetton campaign brief, made famous by Oliviero Toscani in the 1990s.

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The company's core business remains their clothing lines which have the Italian characteristics of style, quality and passion. Casual clothing is marketed as the 'United Colors of Benetton' while there is also the underwear brand 'Undercolours', the glamour oriented 'Sisley', the leisurewear brand 'Playlife' and street-wear 'Killer Loop'.

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Along with the implementation of new technologies, new brands were added to the Group’s portfolio: 'Jeans West' in 1972 and 'Sisley' in 1974. In 1980 Benetton opened its first New York store on Madison Avenue, followed by one in Tokyo in 1982. The Benetton business was initially confined to making sweaters in classic colors, but later Luciano decided to get the attention of the younger buyers by creating sweaters in bright colors and their slogan became 'United Colors of Benetton'.

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An aircraft hangar-sized room houses huge billboards from the group’s Unhate campaign as well as racing cars from the Benetton family’s 20-year involvement in Formula One. Where sewing machines used to be, a collection of mannequins are clothed in past Benetton collections.

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“You can read all the business books available but it is not the same as talking to Giuliana and having that insight”, he says of Luciano’s sister, the Benetton woman who inspired the company’s jumpers with her colourful knitting.

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The Benetton magazine Colors was founded in 1991 under the supervision of Tibor Kalman and is now written in four different languages, distributed in over 40 countries and available online. It deals with different international issues from AIDS to the environmental cause as well as racism, religion and other key issues. Just like the ad campaign, it is full of controversial images its target audience being young people.

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The collaboration with renowed Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani had a strong impact on the history of the company from 1984 to 2000. His provocative and original 'United Colors' publicity campaigns characterized by striking images unrelated to the actual products being sold by the company left the whole world stunned and speechless. For the first time an artist was expressing himself and his ideas about society through a world famous brand. The result was even more fame - and notoriety - for Benetton. The images were always linked with some social or political issue (from racism to religion to war) and and caused controversy and discussion whenever a new campaign was launched. The company logo was the only sign of the brand that was behind it.

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Alongside the new, gentler “Collection of Us” campaign, Benetton will be issuing a capsule collection of heritage knits from its past as well as its first sportswear range.

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However, the relationship between Luciano Benetton and Oliviero Toscani, which was born out of a strong friendship, ended abruptly in 2000 after a shocking advertisement against the death penalty caused the cancellation of a contract with Sears. But the effects of the collaboration lingered on in a variety of other initiatives.