Marketers And The Growing Populaton.

International Growth
* Canada has the most users outside of the United States, with more than 7 million active users
* The U.K. is the third largest country with more than 7 million active users
* Remaining top 10 countries in order of active users (outside of the U.S., Canada and UK): Australia, Turkey, Sweden, Norway, South Africa, France, Hong Kong

The world's population isn't growing nearly as fast as it once did

Slower population growth has in many countries bought more time to adjust to future population ..
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However, when most think of a growing population, ..

Slow growth accounts for the state losing a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, whose 435 members are distributed equally by population after allotting at least one seat per state.

What are the effects of population growth

What today's data dump by the Census Bureau reveals most tellingly about Illinois is that it had the lowest growth population rate in the Midwest: Its 3.3% was well below the national average of 9.7%.

"Positive Effects Of Population Growth On The Economy" Essays and ..
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Illinois population growth among lowest in region, …

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10 Lively Facts About Population Growth

Nationally, Illinois ranked 42nd in growth, below every other Midwest state except Michigan, which lost 0.6% — the only state to lose ground. Wisconsin grew 6.0%, Indiana 6.6% and Kentucky 7.4%, with all three bordering states keeping the same number of congressional seats.

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Thus the state's population for apportionment purposes was 12,864,380, while the census counted 12,830,632 men, women and children residing in Illinois, 411,339 more than 2000.

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User Demographics
* Over 55,000 regional, work-related, collegiate, and high school networks
* More than half of Facebook users are outside of college
* The fastest growing demographic is those 25 years old and older
* Maintain 85 percent market share of 4-year U.S. universities