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In 1954 they moved HQ from Rathbone Road into the Wellington Road building, Norman recalls being present at a ceremony to rename the building after double Victoria Cross recipient Captain Noel Chavasse, who himself had been a Army medic.

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VIII Fishermans Horizon, occasionally abbreviated FH, is a location in Final Fantasy VIII
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Farewells were waved, the troops were cheered, and for many this was their last look at the town which had afforded them every hospitality for the past few months.

Arrived at the station, the men entrained for an unknown destination, and there was some speculation as to which seaport it would be.

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Named on the same headstone is Private Ernest Hudson, who was the same age, from the same city, served in the same battalion and died on the same day. In fact many of the headstones here show two names, or two unknown soldiers, or one known and one unknown soldier.

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He said, "Let us make man...and let them..." "In the image of God He created him; male and female He created them"

In his book, All The Women Of The Bible, Dr.

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by Geoffrey McKinney
for Lamentations of the Flame Princess
Wilderness Hex Crawl
This is a hex crawl. AFAIK, there are only two extensive examples of hex crawls: The Wilderlands series and Staters NOD/Hex Crawl Classics line. It’s inevitable that any hex crawl will be compared to these, especially Wilderlands. I love hex crawls for their adventure seeds and I was struck by just how different I found Isle of the Unknown to be from Wilderlands and Stater. I like a lot of the ideas that Geoffrey produces … but I didn’t find Isle to be very useful.

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