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This 21-lesson course includes: The Great Schools of Christian Gnosis; Valentinus – Part One through Three; The Doctrine of the Three Natures; Valentinian Literature; The Valentinian Sacraments; The Catechetical School at Alexandria; Origen of Alexandria; Origen on the Fall of Souls; Origen’s Doctrine of Salvation; The Attack on Origen; The Universal Religion of Light; The Doctrine of Mani; The Soul Enters “Matter”; The Archons Entrap Souls in Material Bodies “Adam and Eve”; Comments on Christian/Gnostic and Manichaean/Christian Anthropology; Manichaean – Christian Salvation; The Controversy between Orthodox and Manichaean Christianity; The Historical Jesus; Manichaean Hymns and Prayers.

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An essay on the manichaean character of economics
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An essay on the manichaean character of economics | …

I've noticed that the Marvel Comics universe tends more toward polytheism, whereas the DC universe is sort of Manichaean - there's God, a personal supreme force of Good who commands angels and to whom people pray under various names; and there's a Hell populated with demons and the souls of the damned, ruled by the fallen angel Lucifer. But in one Swamp Thing Annual by Alan Moore, a supreme force of Evil that is said to have existed alongside the Light before the beginning of time enters the universe and threatens to destroy it. It's a fascinating story, as the major supernatural characters in DC comics answer the evil entity's question, "What am I?" in different ways. The climax suggests that Good and Evil have a symbiotic relationship.

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This 20-lesson course includes: From Origin to Constantine; The Council of Nicea; The Nicene Council’s Secret Agenda?; Constantine Becomes The Messiah; Aftermath of the Arian Controversy; Augustine Attacks the Manichaean’s; The Theology of Augustine; Augustine Denies Preexistence and the Laws of Cause and Effect; Augustine’s Doctrine of the Soul; Free Will versus Human Bondage; The Legacy of Augustine; The Triumph of Totalitarian Christianity; Papal Authority; The Keys of the Kingdom and the Supremacy of Peter; The Destruction of the Mysteries of the Martyrdom of Hypatia; Adam and Eve; The Celibate Movement; The Emergence of the Vicarious Atonement Theory; The Hidden Gnostic Legacy; What is Christianity and Who is Jesus?

The Manichaean character of economics. Charles Kindleberger. Abstract: Economics is said to have adopted a certain degree of dualism. None of its tenets have
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Often, evil denotes profound immorality