If I were out of action, Mother would have to carry me piggy-back.

Diving into the Chelsea Potter -Joan and Shura Shivarg, Charlotte Rampling and Jeremy Lloyd, Ozzie Clark; David Bailey lunching with Jean Shrimpton at Alvaro's; Sir Mark Palmer and Catherine Tennant in silver shoes, pea-green stockings; Tara and Nicky Browne chatting to Michael Fish in the middle of the road and handing out sweets to strangers.

There were about two dozen of us.

LaTour was the first artist to set the theme of Mary Magdalene’s penancein darkened interiors.

Out of the gloom, wailing and flashing, a cop car flew at me.

In 1955, at the age of thirty-one, Alfonse was married in fairy-tale, even outrageous, circumstances to Clark Gable's friend, the fifteen-year-old Fiat heiress Princess Ira von Fürstenburg.

I went to one at the flat of two men who lived as women by night.

Alfonse turned to work and opened the property as a resort club for his rich and aristocratic connections, which he ran with the help of his cousin Rudi (Count Rudolf von Schönburg).

I've got to go to the lav!' Ripping off all her clothes she ran out of the back door.

When I walked into the flat Geoffrey said, 'Hi love.

As I squeezed past her Margaret said, 'I've been dying to ask you, I hope you don't mind, but what' - she put her nose in the air and swooned like one of the Bisto kids - 'is that divine scent you're wearing?'
' by Carven,' I answered bashfully (because Margaret Lockwood had been a big star ever since in 1945).
While Margaret sat in a deckchair doing endless crossword puzzles, Bambi and I joined Toots and her boyfriend Simon Gough on the beach near the Lockwoods' summer villa at Cap d'Antibes.

Pepe said nothing as we came out and brushed past the flashbulbs.

His mouth was swollen and bruised where the stomach pump had been forced in (sometimes in an emergency, if the jaw is clenched, they have to break the teeth to do this).
'The show must go on!' he said in English, throwing off his pelts.

It was one of the nicest things about him.

And he passed out cold on the floor.
Marcel entered, looked down scornfully, looked at us, looked at the dressers and said, 'Take her knickers off.'
Capucine was on his feet in a twinkling - he wasn't going to let anyone see his .

Even the didn't throw her out of gear.

Of course the luxury always won in the end because Capucine's keeper was a very famous millionaire, enabling Capsy to compete with and overtake Coxy's mink collection.

When I came out of the boudoir he'd vanished.

There were troops of men through the flat all night long while I snuggled up to Frou-Frou, Les Lee's dog, christened after the underskirt of a cancan dancer.
When there was time, my greatest diversion was Amateur Strip Night at La Vieille Colombieuse nightclub - secretaries would mysteriously get the call, jump on to the stage and start to disrobe.

He loathed sunlight and writhed out of chairs whenever it struck him.

She's taken an overdose of pills and is being pumped out in the clinic.'
However, Capucine wasn't going to leave the ground clear for sympathy or bitchery and came striding in wearing a whole mink farm and all the crown jewels.