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A married man whose sex drive decreases after years of activity does not suffer from the Madonna/Whore Complex. This is not a condition that comes on later in life, it is a condition that starts early in his development. There are many other reasons for a man’s sex drive to decrease including disease, injury, hormonal changes, stress, and extramarital affairs.

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In this act of mediation between the heavenly Madonna and the earthly plane of the viewer, he is joined by Saint Barbara standing opposite (whose relics were worshipped in the church of San Sisto), who inspects the scene with her downward gaze.


Second, the facial proportions of the Virgin, the Christ Child, Saint Barbara and the famous , are calculated to produce aesthetic looks: a feature which is enhanced by Raphael's skilful rendering of flesh tones and use of .

The Madonna of Bruges is a marble sculpture by Michelangelo of Mary with the Child Jesus
The theme of the Madonna and Child was rare in the first centuries of early Christian art (c

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Neither the husband nor the wife in a Madonna/Whore marriage may understand why their relationship is such an unhappy one. He loves her but he doesn’t want to be sexually intimate with her. She loves him but she is increasingly bitter because he won’t give her the sexual intimacy she desperately craves.

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