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Fittingly, Tetsuya, along with Michael Brenner (Alcatel Lucent), Joan Triay (DOCOMO), and Frank Zdarsky (NEC) were recognized by the ISG leadership with a special award for their outstanding contributions to Phase 1.

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Customer Demand Planning at Lucent Technologies: A Case Study

The NFV Specfest focused on demonstrating how OpenAPI definitions can be leveraged to foster the development, validation and adoption by the industry of the NFV REST-based API specifications recently delivered by the ETSI NFV SOL working group. Following an overview of the published specifications, the ETSI Centre for Testing and Interoperability (CTI) presented an introduction to the OpenAPI language and the set of tools available at the to enable the development of OpenAPIs in a collaborative way with support for assisted editing, peer review, automatic validation, and more. This was followed by an interactive hands-on activity developing and contributing an OpenAPI definition via the ETSI Forge. As a case study for this activity, an example was selected from the actual VNF Lifecycle Management API, specified in . The activity generated a high level of participation amongst both local and remote attendees, who managed to submit a high number of contributions in real-time. The hands-on activity was followed by a demonstration on how OpenAPIs can help the development of NFV solutions in practice. First, starting from an API example, it was shown how to generate a test suite enabling validation of NFV implementations for API compliance. Then, a live demo was run on an implementation of a Virtualised Network Function Manager (VNFM) provided remotely by Nokia. For those who missed the Specfest, it is still possible to participate by following the step-by-step instructions available in the , and the tutorial and demo materials are available for .

Nokia Acquires Alcatel-Lucent - SOKOLOFF & COMPANY CASE STUDY:

As the ISG did at the end of the previous NFV ISG term two years ago, the group acknowledged the work of a few outstanding members of the community and during a gala dinner on Wednesday awards were presented to Michael Bilca (OTD), Uwe Rauschenbach (Nokia) and Mehmet Ersue (former Nokia), as recognition of their hard work and engagement with the community.


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