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[…] and continue to move toward marriage. I’ve written extensively about the difference between real love and infatuation and have dedicated an entire lesson to it in my Conscious Weddings E-Course. And Matthew and I had […]

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Most cases of "love at first sight" (though not all) amount to little more than infatuation.

At this stage--which in the best of cases precedes love and in the worst precedes resentment, loathing, and loneliness--the other person is more an object than a human being.

Infatuation vs. Love: 14 Ways You Can Tell the Difference

How can you tell the all-important difference between love and its deceiving lookalikes so that you can have the relationship of your dreams and not your nightmares?

It could be said that infatuation is primarily an emotional phenomenon--you see somebody and you're hooked; that obsession is primarily a physical psychological phenomenon--that you're addicted to how this person makes you feel and now believe that you need this person to survive; and that love is primarily a spiritual phenomenon--that two souls, each whole and complete in themselves, come together and create a third entity all its own - the relationship.

What are some other major differences between infatuation, obsession, and love?

Infatuation is...

...that giddy, butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling that you get every time that other person is around.
...the flood of relief that comes from finally not feeling lonely anymore.
...a fickle force that's here today and gone tomorrow; a flimsy force without much depth or substance.
...fast--it usually happens in an instant.
...founded on passion and pleasure.
...based in fantasy.

There's nothing inherently wrong with infatuation, so long as it is recognized as such.

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When you are infatuated, your brain gets a huge surge of dopamine which literally changes the wiring in your brain. It activates the pleasure centers and stimulates the production of adrenaline. Synaptic neurotransmitters make the connection between your lover and the production of dopamine so it intensifies the desire for more.

Limerence, Love and Infatuation - The Real Differences

If you stop feeling the way you do because the person you like (or believe you love) looks and is different now than when you first 'fell in love' with him or her, you were probably just infatuated.

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What was it that attracted you to your craft?What made you yearn and pine to get to know it better, to dive deeper, to explore every facet possible?And rather than expecting yourself to experience that firework display of infatuation that you felt on the first date, sink into a nourishing, beautiful and sustaining love that can be a companion for a life time.If you want to fall back in love with your work, you need to show up to your relationship differently.

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Being infatuated is remarkably similar to what a cocaine addict, or any narcotic user goes through. It’s not surprising because of some of the very same chemicals are released in the brain.