That is, living together without being married

When a couple simply starts living together, do they have a lifetimecommitment? Do they intend to keep themselves sexually only for oneanother for life? If not, then they are not obeying God's command formarriage, and they have no right to the sexual union at all.

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Does your faith have a position on couples living together outside of marriage?

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She said that among the factors to keep in mind are that while living together might ensure the success of a future marriage, the social protections marriage offers aren't there, and not all couples (such as same-sex couples) have the choice to marry.

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In contrast, the Rev. Lee Devoe, who functions as an interim Unitarian Universalist minister, said: "Whatever structure our relationship takes — marriage or living together, gay or straight couples — we hope that they will be embodiments of love and integrity."

The purpose of this study is to examine the practice of couples livingtogether without marriage.

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But reported a study showing that couples who livetogether before marriage are 50% likely to divorce thancouples that do not live together before marriage (via ,1/94). So cohabitation actually increases the likelihood of divorce.

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Some try to justify living together before marriage on the grounds thatit helps a couple know if they are compatible, so they will stay together ifthey do get married.

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Children are often innocent victims whose lives are tragically affectedby their parents' choice to live together without marriage. Marriage, bycomparison, is a blessing to children.

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Does cohabiting fit this Bible teaching? When a couple lives togetherbefore marriage, do they intend to form a marriage: a new family unitseparate from their parents' family unit? Do they intend to"cleave" in a permanent relationship, even more permanent thantheir family relationship with their parents? If not, then they are notabiding by God's rules for marriage and have no right to the sexualunion.

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Living together without marriage is one consequence of the "sexualliberation" movement. People think that, by eliminating sexualrestrictions, people will be more satisfied sexually.