Each author contributed to make the Harlem Renaissance what it was.

.Since this unit is intended primarily for English teachers, the emphasis of the course should be the analysis of the literature of the period, once the teacher has explored the historical significance of the Harlem Renaissance.

This soon became known as the Harlem Renaissance.

The Harlem Renaissance consisted of racial pride, excellent rhythm, and a literary awakening.

The Harlem Renaissance took place from 1918 until 1937.

The era in history held a lot of opinions and emotions that were interpreted during the Harlem Renaissance when many African Americans began to write about this terrible time in history.

This great migration was the beginning of the Harlem Renaissance.

A black man named Charles Spurgeon Johnson who was the editor for the National Urban League magazine encouraged and supported black writers and artists who were part of the Harlem Renaissance....

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The Harlem Renaissance, otherwise known as “The New Negro Movement” was an unexpected outburst of creative activity among African Americans In the poems Harlem by Langston Hughes, America by Claude McKay, and Incident by Countee Cullen all use frustration and hope as reoccurring themes to help empower the African-American population and realize the injustices they face day to day....

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For example, Langston Hughes, arguably one of the most popular Harlem Renaissance poets, “had a strong sense of race pride, borne out of a new racial consciousness” (Dawahare, 1998, p....

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When one is describing a “fresh and brilliant portrait of African American art and culture in the 1920s (Rampersad, Arnold),” the Harlem Renaissance would be the most accurate assumption.

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Because of this, there were new African American cultural expressions, largely dominated by a sense of heritage, and as a result the musical qualities of African culture can be seen as affecting Harlem poetry.

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It is interesting that Charles Gilpin, the great black actor, achieved great fame in by O’Neill in 1920, the beginning of the renaissance, and died in 1930.

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DuBois’ , Nella Larsen’s story of the color line, , and Jessie Fausett’s book on a similar theme, .Because of the crash of the stock market in 1929, many of the activities of the renaissance started to decrease; however, many of the authors who became popular during the twenties published through the thirties and later.

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The Harlem Renaissance marked the first time mainstream publishers, critics took African American literature seriously, and that African American literature and arts attracted significant attention fro...