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[10] Iraqi Sanctions: Myth Fact, contains attributions to DIAdocumentson U.S. destruction of water sanitation and sewage treatment plants inIraq

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neighboring Iraq is still under a portion of sanctions ..

The United Nations "Oil for Food" program became operational in 1996and was instituted by the Iraq Sanctions Committee. All contracts foraid(emergency supplies as well as infrastructure equipment) requested byIraqhad to be approved by the Sanctions Committee. Each member countrycouldplace a hold on any contract it considered to have "dual use," that is,both civilian and military use. The U.S. repeatedly exercised itsprerogativeto withhold supplies to Iraq, vital to the civilian population.

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Four days after Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, on August 6, 1990, theUnitedNations Security Council passed Resolution 661, imposing comprehensivesanctions on Iraq and creating a committee to monitor them.

US efforts to lift the sanctions has met resistance from veto-wielding Russia and France.

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“U.S. sanctions are the ones that the Iranians care about the most,” Cullis said. He said President Barack Obama has the power to make substantial changes to the U.S. sanctions on Iran, including suspending them for a time-limited period, licensing otherwise-prohibited activities or transactions, and taking persons or entities off the list of

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However, Cullis said the speed of relieving U.N. sanctions was not the only variable for the world body, where the Russians and Chinese have been closer to the Iranian position on this issue, preferring that all sanctions be immediately thrown out when an accord is reached. The U.S., U.K., France and Germany have been arguing for sanctions to be rolled back in parallel to steps taken by Tehran in line with the deal. Western powers advocated for a mechanism by which quickly in the event of “significant non-performance” by Iran.

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That’s a surprise, as historically the UN Security Council has been very slow to lift sanctions. Indeed, neighboring Iraq is still under a portion of sanctions imposed on the Saddam Hussein government in the early 1990s, even though that government was ousted in a US military occupation in 2003.

[15] Common Dreams, UN Sanctions Against Iraq Only Serve USAmbition,by Denis J. Halliday,

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The hypocrisy of U.S. policy toward Iraq may be seen by comparing itto U.S. policy toward other countries. For example, Israelpossessesnuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. Israel has violatedUnitedNations resolutions; it has threatened and attacked neighboringcountries;and Israel is guilty of extensive human rights violations. Yet,thereis no talk from Washington of weapons inspections in Israel, much lessof an invasion of that country. Indeed, the U.S. arms Israel andprovides it with massive economic and political support.

In calling for lifting UN sanctions, Bush announced that the United States had removed its own sanctions against Iraq.

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At a news conference with Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar, Bush said that the United States, Britain and Spain would introduce a UN resolution "soon" that would lift sanctions imposed in 1990 when Iraq invaded Kuwait.

Security Council Committee Established by Resolution 661 (1990) concerning the Situation between Iraq and Kuwait

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There are presently eight UN resolutions against Iran, with four of them imposing economic sanctions, and officials say to lift them in an agreement between the P5+1 and Iran is reached.