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The Maya Angelou Young Adult Learning Center (YALC) provides academic and workforce development to older youth/young adults, ages 17-24, who do not have a high school credential, and particularly those transitioning from incarceration.

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Upon opening the Maya Angelou Young Adult Learning Center (YALC), we quickly realized that existing services and programs for juvenile ex-offenders, court-involved youth, and disconnected and/or disengaged youth throughout the city were fragmented, and in many cases, inadequate. This is of particular note with respect to the needs of older, under-credited youth, most of whom face significant academic and socio-emotional deficiencies. While this problem directly affects the youth we work with, it is a systemic problem in Washington, D.C., and nationally for young people who have disconnected from school and work.

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Through our work at the YALC, we are directly tackling a cycle where poverty, poor education, and bad decision making leads to juvenile delinquency and incarceration as a youth, and then an adult life of intermittent work and incarceration. Our goal is that the Maya Angelou Young Adult Learning Center serves as a gateway to life success for disengaged, disconnected and disenfranchised students throughout the District of Columbia.

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