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The houses are a background to the plot of Jane Eyre that is the evolution of Jane from lonely orphan at Gateshead into an established and well-developed character at Ferndean who is Mr Rochester’s equal.

Jane Eyre begins her life in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Critics commended Jane Eyre for everything from its themes to its form.
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Throughout her life, Jane Eyre makes a determined effort to ..

There are many little difficulties that the main character, the indomitable Jane Eyre, must deal with, but once you reach the end of the book you begin to realize that all of Jane's problems are based around one thing.

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The plot follows Jane Eyre through her life from a young age and through the novel the reader sees Jane maturing from a young girl into adulthood, Jane also goes through many emotions and experiences and the book touches on many themes for example love, social class and religion.

The red room is symbolic of how society traps Jane by limiting her freedom and imprisoning her....
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Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre contains allusions such as color, biblical references, and the difference in class that give the reader insight into Jane’s character.

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Not only is "Jane Eyre" a novel about one woman's journey through life, but Brontë also conveys to the reader the social injustices of the period, such as poverty, lack of universal education and sexual inequality....

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In Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre, eponymous character Jane Eyre faces a personal challenge against society as a result of her impoverished background....

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The main character, Jane Eyre, demonstrates a strong need to be herself, a young girl trying to retain all the individuality possible for a dependent of her time.