Deuteronomy 30:15-20 Life or Death Which Will It Be?

In each instance it is demonstrated that the person you are in this world is not the true being that you are -- but rather, a projected image of your soul which is your true self that does not incarnate into this world. Which means that the person you are as an embryonic soul-image projected into this world at conception, and it can therefore be stated that you have never lived previous to your present birth. Moreover, if you fail to attain the next stage of birth that Jesus said is necessary to enter into Life, as a soul-image that has failed to become manifest, as portrayed in Gospel of Thomas saying 84, you can neither reincarnate or can you go to Glory as the dogma of the Church assumes. Which means that a more enlightened understanding of the Cosmology of Mind would convey to us the correct understanding of the warning of Jesus with respect to the words:(Matt 7:13-14 NKJ) -- the word translated, in no manner represents what is actually being presented. Quoting the footnote on this word in the Schofield Reference Bible which reads:. And in the same way that a woman does not perish if one of her eggs fails to evolve into a fetus, neither does the soul perish when one of its images which is projected into this world, fails to evolve through the three stages of birth. And in the same way that the woman's egg that fails to become an embryo is, so too is the embryonic image of the soul that is projected into this world And this purpose, is to bring about the necessary threefold birth that enables the soul to enter into what Jesus portrayed as Life. To further demonstrate the higher reality of birth that was portrayed to Nicomedus in the Gospel of John (see), Jesus stated:-- and this fact is a true reality of life.

The opposite of choosing life is to choose death

Majority of Dickinson's poems reflect her lifelong fascination with illness, dying and death....

Abortion: Is It Really a Matter of Life and Death

We also share the hurt and horror, the loss and heartache that are the result of unspeakable acts of violence. We have presided at the funerals of police officers killed in the line of duty and have consoled parents who have lost children. We have heard the anger and despair of victims families who feel ignored by the criminal justice system, society as a whole, and, at times, even the Church. Our family of faith must care for sisters and brothers who have been wounded by violence and support them in their loss and search for justice. They deserve our compassion, solidarity, and support spiritual, pastoral, and personal. However, standing with families of victims does not compel us to support the use of the death penalty.
—USCCB, A Culture of Life and the Penalty of Death

Chapter 12 Abortion: Is It Really a Matter of Life and Death

For many left behind, a death sentence offers the illusion of closure and vindication. No act, even an execution, can bring back a loved one or heal terrible wounds. The pain and loss of one death cannot be wiped away by another death.
—USCCB, A Culture of Life and the Penalty of Death

She speaks with great power and passion, tolerating no interference, and wills herself to maintain this choice for her entire life....
Emily Dickinson wrote about her own life experiences; love, death, education, and her desire to remain young or immortal.

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In a book entitled, Emily Dickenson: Singular Poet, by Carl Dommermuth, she writes: "She (Dickinson) apparently enjoyed a normal social life as a school girl, but in later years would seldom leave her home.

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Today, Christians have encountered a crossroads -- with their old world very quickly fading away, modern people are demanding answers that the dogma of Roman Emperors remains totally inadequate to supply. And while there is an answer to every question mankind poses -- answers that can only be presented by an Enlightened People of the Light and TheWay -- the dogma of the Roman emperors remains the very shackles that inhibits the Church from achieving its rightful place as the Light of the World. And thus, the choice -- i.e., which path should the seeker/disciple choose ? That of manmade pagan doctrines? Or the Spiritual Teachings of the Original Gospel Message? What I will demonstrate is that the pre-Nicene conflict between the Spiritual Christians and those who portrayed themselves as faith-based Orthodox, has always been superficial -- with the only difference being that those concepts which have been traditionally embraced by the faith-based, are in fact elementary ideas pertaining to God that are necessary for the entry-level Christian who lacks the spiritual maturity that the biblical authors wrote warnings about (see ). With the problem being that so long as the faith-based believer continues to reject important original Gospel teachings, and retains an allegiance to the dogma of Roman Emperors and men in contradistinction to the core Gospel teachings and concepts of TheWay, the faith based believers will remain in an immature state -- perpetually divided by factions and sectarianism that inhibits their spiritual maturity.

What Becomes Of The Soul After Death - The Divine Life …

Strangely, in dealing with the subject of death, Dickinson steers away from the metaphysical aspect of such a heavy situation and remains firmly anchored in the tangible world.