Photo: Official Portrait of John F Kennedy (Getty Images)

The Cold War had its downs when Kennedy was president, but also its ups. A 'hotline' insured instantaneous communication between the Kremlin and White House for times of crisis threatening the peace. Both governments became more peaceful and in 1963 they signed the Test Ban Treaty, which outlawed atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons.

Kennedy remains one of the most popular presidents in U.S.


Kennedy appears on "Face the Nation," July 1, 1956.

Among those pictured are, front row, NASA administrator James Webb, LBJ, German-born rocket scientist and NASA launch operations director Kurt Debus, JFK and U.S.

Kennedy delivers his inaugural address, Jan.

Kennedy of Massachusetts and Jacqueline Bouvier of Newport, R.I., pose for a portrait in Hyannis Port, Mass., shortly after their engagement was announced.

8, Kennedy defeated Richard Nixon in one of the closest presidential elections in U.S.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy (May 29, 1917 – November 22, 1963), ..

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy The 35th President Of The United States

The Cuba crisis in 1962 is a much more complicated crisis, caused by placing of intermediate range missiles in Cuba by the Russians. When Kennedy found out, the world was close to nuclear war in October 1962, because Kennedy's military consultants recommended an immediate air strike. But Kennedy's brother, the military and attorney general Robert Kennedy disagreed, because the US would act like Japan with Pearl Harbor and loose its faith. The president instituted a naval blockade against Russian ships and demanded removal of the missiles. After about a week the Russians agreed and Kennedy promised not to invade Cuba.

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The night before JFK's assassination, at the Clint Murchison mansion in Dallas, Richard Nixon & George HW Bush were among those gathered, it was decided that 11/22/63 was a GO on the assassination.

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Afterward Kennedy went to Georgetown Hospital to visit his wife and their newborn son, John Jr.

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John F Kennedy (known as JFK) was the 35th president of the United States, an immensely popular leader who was assassinated before he completed his third year in office.
Photo: Official Portrait of John F Kennedy (Getty Images)

Born in Brookline, Mass., on May 29, 1917, he was the second son of Joseph Patrick

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During his presidency he passed two crises which had to do with Cuba. The first in April 1961, at the Bay of Pigs, was an assault on Cuba. It was a plan developed by the CIA under the Eisenhower Administration. Castro's troops quickly defeated the landing attempt. It was a failure for the Kennedy Administration, which can be explained by poor advice he had received from the military, the CIA, and from many liberals.

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