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The most difficult lessons learnt meeting which I had to conduct was one in which client teams and managers were also present and I had to own up to certain glitches which my team had made.

The way I collected lessons learnt was through following;1.

Posted: Apr 1, 2009 4:32 PM Olivier Lazar Hi,The Lessons Learned is here also a hot topic.

Many times lessons learned turn into a blame game.

Hopefully, you’ve learned lessons about lessons-learned here. Remember, it’s not the method of documentation that counts as much as the fact that documentation of knowledge gained exists. However, high tech documentation combined with ease of use never hurts if you have the resources. Now it’s your turn to teach the lessons you’ve learned.

You are welcome to add your lessons learned or to discuss about it.

It crystallized ideas and projected the pattern ofthings to come; it determined the course of the following century."If Namier is right in viewing the "Revolutions of 1848" as featuring a seed-plot of history, and if we can identify the early attempts at growth and development by such evident resulting "seedlings" as Liberalism, Constitutionalism, Democracy, Socialism and Nationalism ~ including such competition as came to exist between them for "a Place in the Sun" (in situations where, although shaken, down-but-not-out dynastic authority was usually trying to suppress them, fairly successfully in 1848 and with diminishing effectiveness over ensuing decades) then surely we will have succeeded to some degree in actually learning lessons of history.
Learning lessons of history can surely be seen as a pressing necessity in the hope of yielding up some guidlines for the adoption of practical policies intended to enhance the possibility for the lessening of injustices and for the avoidance of conflict.

We would hope that our coverage of this "dramatic historical watershed" will provide something of a persuasive outline as to how it came about that the Dynastic Europe of 1815 came to undergo those sweeping changes which have tended to produce the populist Europe of Modern Times!

What is a Lessons Learned Discussion

As a new teacher, lesson planning seemed to suck up almost all of my available time and energy. Looking back over those frenetic early years it’s become increasingly clear that I wasted an awful lot of effort designing activities rather than considering what my students needed to learn. That is to say, I put most of my effort into things that had only a marginal impact on students’ learning.

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So, how can teachers’ time be most profitably spent? Research suggests feedback is top of the list and, for me at least, this is closely followed by absolute clarity on what, exactly, my students need to learn. Instead of planning individual lessons, I want to invest my time in medium term planning to break down the skills and knowledge they will need to learn to arrive at their destination. And as for feedback, there may all sorts of really efficient ways to give feedback during lessons, but for me nothing beats marking their books. Sitting on a pile of unmarked work for weeks is useless though – to have impact it needs turning around as quickly as possible. If I can set up lessons so that I’m marking while the students work then so much the better. But when that’s not possible I need to make sure that whatever time I have available is time spent marking.

Value Of Lessons Learned In Project Management

The lessons-learned documentation practices spoken of in this document can be an integral part of Project Risk Management as identified in the Project Management Body of Knowledge. There are several areas of risk management that lesson(s)-learned can be incorporated into. One of the inputs to risk identification is historical information. It is easy to see that historical information is captured in your lessons-learned database. An input to both qualitative and quantitative risk analysis is identified risks, which can be obtained via lessons-learned meetings as well as the database or shared knowledge folder. As well, project communication is an input to Risk Monitoring and Control, and much of the communication about problems and risk factors would occur at your lessons-learned meeting.

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RegardsMaureen GanPMP Posted: Apr 5, 2009 5:53 AM Vanessa Darrell Hi Dimitri,I agree with what you wrote, also I would like to reinforce Julio's comments - best to capture the lessons learnt as you go along, not at the end of a phase or end of a project.

Lessons Learned: Pivot, don't jump to a new vision

And you have to have this information ready and available for this special meeting that simply reviews the results of what you've gathered over the course of the life of the project.

A system of lessons learned would include or require the following:

1. Lessons learned as one of the deliverables of the project

2. Method/forum for submitting lessons learned to the project management office or senior management overlooking the project or running the functional areas that require changes based on lessons learned

3. Method or process for integrating those lessons into the organization

4. Method of entering the information, such as electronic lessons learned system (web- or network-based) or collection of documents, spreadsheets etc.

5. Method of accessing lessons learned information from past projects, relating to specific areas of the project or organization

6. System to have these items as required components of milestones on the project plan

7. Contribution to the lessons learned from issue reviews in a semi-automated way, so that at the end of the issue review or steering committee meeting you could use the data to post it to the lessons learned system

Success of a lessons learned system depends on a buy-in from the sponsor, the steering committee and the organization to all the items above.

Have you implemented a lessons learned system recently or participated in a lessons learned review?